Jay Weber hopes economy does not recover so Republicans can win fall election (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Updated to reflect my own transcription of Jay Weber’s comments.

Here’s right-wing extremist radio host Jay Weber, speaking on his show earlier today:

“I’m hoping that the economy does not recover until November, because it would be I think, a tragedy to have a big economic recovery this summer….which a bunch of people would interpret as somehow Obama’s doing and vote him back in office. If it means a couple more months of economic pain to ensure he (Obama) loses… well, I’m willing to endure that.”

Because after all, what does Jay Weber care if folks continue to lose their homes and struggle to make ends meet because they can’t find employment, because that’d be great for Republicans in November!

Some people really are sickening.


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31 thoughts on “Jay Weber hopes economy does not recover so Republicans can win fall election (UPDATED)

  1. Yeah, especially since he probably being hurt. What an a**, er, disagreeable person.

    So typical. People like him are so myopic. He’s Randy H’s buddy. I wonder if “alpha male” agrees.

    1. Randy, even in my slightly edited version of the quote, Weber’s point is abundantly clear: he doesn’t want the economy to recover because he doesn’t want President Obama to get credit, which would help his electoral chances.

      You can cc me on all the emails you want where you kiss Weber’s ass and opine that I somehow slandered/libeled him by using his own words against him, but the fact is, these are Jay Weber’s own words.

  2. Seems pretty clear to me even if, IF, it’s taken out of context.

    Why not provide what you accuse Zach of withholding, Randy?

    1. OS, I actually re-listened to Weber’s comments and transcribed them again, and to be honest, the quote is worse than before (in my opinion) because it’s even more clear that Weber doesn’t want an economic recovery because he doesn’t want the president’s electoral chances to be boosted.

      1. Try listening again!

        Fix the end Zach or take the quotes off. You had it wrong and a quote is only a quote when done right. Maybe third time is a charm. What it shows is you hear what you want since you cannot even transcribe correctly. “well, I’m okay with that” is really “well, I’m willing to endure that.” You cannot get it correct because as I said and you prove me right again, “You hear what you want” or you are hard of hearing. Now fix the quote or take the quotes off! Sloppy work!!! You do have integrity and pride in what you do right?

        1. Yeah, because “I’m willing to endure that” and “I’m okay with that” are waaaaaaaay different.

          Randy, parse words all you want, but once again that doesn’t change Jay Weber’s point….that he’d rather see more economic pain than a recovery that might benefit President Obama politically.

          That’s just wrong, and the fact that you’ve spent HOURS here defending what he said is just mind-boggling.

    1. He emailed Jay Weber opining that Weber should have WISN’s attorneys look into whether I slandered/libeled Weber.

      Why is the first instinct of some conservatives to threaten lawsuits?

  3. Remember the scene in the next to last Rocky. The boxing agent tells Rocky, “If you hit me I’ll sue.” Then Rocky clocks him.

    The Internet void gives them amazing powers of flight.

  4. And why is it they are so quick to denounce frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs and which only provide a gravy train for trial lawyers?

  5. Weber’s comments should inspire consternation among all conservative voters. Yet, Weber merely reiterates what Republicans on Capitol have only recently admitted openly. They’ve been vying upon an immoral gambit since President Obama took office.
    Republican opposition has shifted from the noble intention of “loyal opposition” which fosters legitimate discourse to sinister obstructionism so radically extremist, anti-democratic, and indecent anyone with a remnant of common sense can deduce that this shift signifies the revelation: conservatives are unfit to govern.

  6. Zach, like I told you before, people read this blog. Consider it a sign of respect that they threaten litigation if they feel misrepresented.

    Also, not sure why you’re making a big deal about Weber’s point. He is probably using a cost/benefit analysis and figures a few more months of pain is better than 4 years of – not to use the left’s slogan – 4 more years of failed policies. The only good thing Obama has going for him is that he killed Osama Bin Ladin.

    1. Aaron, how many consecutive months of job gains has the national economy had?

      For all the conservative talk about how rotten things are, the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since February 2009.

      What’s more, I’m not entirely sure how Mitt “let Detroit go bankrupt” Romney would make things any better.

  7. Right-wing hacks like Weber think politics is some kind of game or sporting event where you root for your team instead of wanting everyone to be better off. They are disgusting human beings.

    But screwing up the country for political gain has been the GOP’s goal since Obama’s election, and even with Walker, the goal is clearly to destroy things so badly they have to be sold off to corporate contributors.

    It’s time for Milwaukee media to get occupied, because I’m tired of treasonous voices like Weber’s getting the vast majority of airtime. And righties’ tedency to whine and threaten suits when someone calls them out on their BS is Exhibit A of just how much of a bunch of wimps they are.

  8. P.S. Weber’s quote is factually wrong, because the U.S. GDP has grown for each. Of the last 11 quarters, and private sector job growth has grown for 25 straight months. The only reason Weber hasn’t felt it is because of how badly Walker has screwed up Wisconsin

  9. “…hoping the economy does not recover…” is what Republicans have been doing–and acting on–since President Obama took office.

  10. Jay,

    I have included the blog author and owner of the blog Blogging Blue (Zachary Wisniewski) that I sent you the screenshot and link to in this email. I am not sure of his intent if his taking out of context and misquoting you was a mistake or intentional as a clear sign of slander/libel. That is up to him to state and state if he either fixed it or took it down. I did bring it to his attention. I would however forward that information to the WISN legal team in case his intent was to damage your reputation and misrepresent you.

    As you can see I NEVER said sue!!! And I didn’t accuse Zach of anything!!! You see what you want to see while the rest of us live in the real world!!!

    1. Randy, it’s pretty clear what the intent was behind your statement that you “would however forward that information to the WISN legal team.”

      Ultimately, let’s get back on point though….Jay Weber said on his show that he didn’t want the economy to improve before November if that meant the president would get credit.

      Randy, do you support Jay Weber’s statement? Would you rather see the economy struggle if that helped Republicans at the ballot box? For all your blustering about how I supposedly might have slandered or libeled Jay Weber by daring to post his own words, you haven’t actually said if you support his statements.

      So here’s my question: Do you support Jay Weber’s statement?

      1. Zach only I know my intent, unless you can read minds. I even state not sure what your intent is. Given your requote is wrong (2nd try) makes it even more questionable.

    2. Hey Randy, when are you going to write a blog entry criticizing Gov. Walker for the months upon months of job losses we’ve endured in Wisconsin?

      After all, Gov. Walker promised he’d create jobs in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin ranks last in the nation in job creation over the past year.

      I ask that question (which admittedly is a bit off topic) because it’s part of a larger observation I’ve made about you, which is that you’re fond of attacking liberals and accusing us of not living in the real world (as if you’re somehow superior), yet I have yet to witness you write a critical word about Gov. Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin.

  11. Wow Zach is now moderating comments!!! When I get time I will get all of what Jay said, not just the …cut up version that Zach gives.

  12. Zach,

    While I understand why Jay feels that way that as the economy goes down it helps the Republicans, I don’t wish nor want the economy to head south. While thinking of things like this I am reminded of your statement when it was talked about the decline in private sector pay and jobs, (I am looking up your quote)

    Zachary says:
    September 24th, 2008 at 4:16 pm
    Oh, and as for those folks in the private sector who have pay freezes, I’ll just say that’s the chance you take working in the private sector

    Didn’t seem compassionate then did you?

    My only gripe was you misquoted and took his statement out of context and still after yourself proclaimed transcription cut it up! While I get it that the echo-chamber friends you have just eat it up that you cut it up, it goes to your character.

    Walker on jobs, that I will have to write up on my blog. Just keep watching it and you will have your answers.

    1. Randy, my transcription didn’t change the point Jay Weber was trying to make, despite your best attempts to say otherwise.

      As for my statement, I know you’re really fond of bringing that up (as you’ve done multiple times here), but the fact is, my point was valid – though not articulated as well as it should have been.

      The point I was trying to make is that there are certain tradeoffs that are made when one takes a job in the private sector versus the public sector, just as there are tradeoffs to taking a job in the public sector versus the private sector. While private sector workers make be more highly compensated for the work they do, they sacrifice (if they don’t have a union) wage stability and retirement stability (pension). In the public sector, oftentimes workers are not as highly paid as their counterparts, but the tradeoff is that their benefits (health insurance & pension) are often better or more stable and they have a certain amount of pay stability.

  13. “This news just out the U.S. Economy slowed in the first quarter of this year. GDP growth fell by .8% almost a full percentage point. We are still in positive GDP territory but the pace of the economy did slow and it grew at a slower pace than expected. Economists had expected GDP growth of 2.5% instead we saw 2.2%. That is down from 3% a quarter earlier. What this ultimately means is that this economy is still recovering very very very very slowly. Consumers did spend more than expected. So consumer consumption was up 2.9%. But for those of us that are that are, I’ve admitted it that I’m hoping that the economy does not recover until November, because it would be I think, a tragedy to have a big economic recovery this summer which a bunch of people would interpret as somehow Obama’s doing and vote him back in office and if it means a couple more months of economic pain to ensure he [Obama] loses… well, I’m willing to endure that.”

    1. The full quote does nothing to change what Jay Weber said, nor the point he was making that he is, “hoping that the economy does not recover until November” because he thinks it would be a tragedy to have a big economic recovery this summer which a bunch of people would interpret as somehow Obama’s doing and vote him back in office. The fact that he’s willing to endure even one more second of economic pain (pain Weber himself is not likely feeling) speaks volumes about his willingness to put politics above the common good.

      It shouldn’t matter who gets credit for turning the economy around, so long as it continues to turn around.

  14. Randy,

    Could you supply me with a list of bloggers (left or right) or any mass media that uses complete whole unedited quotations in their stories, articles, blogs or commentary? Really, even one?

  15. Zach they are different!!!! When you quote someone it better be the words they said. I see for you close is good enough. Shows what type of person you are. No integrity, no pride, and no common sense. But it is your blog and your rules, good enough for you is okay! Would you allow your kids to get away with what you did? Could you do that at work?

    It is funny that your side complains about grammar and spelling, but misquoting is A-Okay!!!

    No I am spending all my time not defending Jay, but getting you to fix quotes! Don’t use quotes if you are not going to accurately do them!!!! Sloppy workmanship!!!! BTW, misquoting is grounds for legal actions and you should know that in your job. If you have to go to court for something and state this is a quote, it better be right! You take statements from people don’t you? You use quotes correct? Do you make these mistakes at work? I bet you don’t!!!

    Thank you for fixing it! Terrible it took you three tries!!! Sloppy, sloppy work!

    Here is what Jay told me, and these are exactly his words, not something close enough!

    Jay Weber – “What I meant was…we’ve endured this much economic pain under Obama, I am willing to wait it out a little bit longer if it means we can get rid of Obama in fall. But I admit it sort of came out wrong.”

    1. Randy, when I first read your comment, I was angry at the things you wrote. However, having re-read your comment, I’m more disappointed in you than anything.

      In one comment, you managed to disparage my integrity, pride, and lack of common sense while also interjecting my children and my profession into your attack. I had thought you were better than resorting to cheap personal attacks, but apparently you’re not above engaging in the very same behaviors that you yourself have lamented being subjected to by those who don’t agree with your worldview.

      You’re a small, petty man, and I’m not going to waste any more of my time responding to your comments. Don’t ever darken my door here at Blogging Blue again, because your vitriol is not welcome here.

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