BREAKING: Gov. Scott Walker admits desire to wage war on Wisconsin unions (VIDEO)

Watch as Republican Gov. Scott Walker admits in a video recorded on January 18, 2011 that he wanted to use Act 10, the so-called budget repair bill, as a first step towards a “divide and conquer” strategy against unions in Wisconsin, with the end goal of turning Wisconsin into a “right to work” state. At the time the video was shot, Gov. Walker had not yet “dropped the bomb” in the form of Act 10, but as the recording clearly indicates, Act 10 was intended as an attack on public employee unions, not as an actual “budget repair” bill.

Gov. Walker made the comments to Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, since Gov. Walker’s promises to her has given $510,000 to the governor’s campaign, making her Walker’s single-largest donor and the largest known donor to a candidate in state history.

As Jason Stein and Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have reported, in an April 27 interview Gov. Walker said, “Private sector unions are my partner in economic development” in reference to right-to-work legislation.

Predictably, Walker campaign mouthpiece Ciara Matthews issued a spin-filled statement reiterating Gov. Walker’s lack of interest on right-to-work, saying, “Governor Walker has made clear repeatedly that he does not have an interest in pushing right-to-work legislation.”

What I’m having a hard time figuring out is who Gov. Walker is lying to about his support (or non-support) of right-to-work legislation – the billionaire supporter who gave over half a million dollars to his campaign or to the voters of Wisconsin. I’m betting Walker’s lying to voters, because he can’t afford to risk losing the support of one of his billionaire campaign donors.


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14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Gov. Scott Walker admits desire to wage war on Wisconsin unions (VIDEO)

  1. You can see the movie demo that this clip came from “As Goes Janesville” on Vimeo at:

  2. Something else about this bothers me as much as what you mentioned. The original question of Walker was about turning the state Republican forever. Even though Scott didn’t parrot back that goal in his list, he did accede to it very quickly.

    I’ve always wondered if doing things like trying to de-fund your political foes (breaking unions, etc.) or rigging the system so your side always wins is ACTUALLY ILLEGAL.

    I’ve never seen any prosecution and rarely even a sternly-worded letter.

  3. Public Unions should all be eradicated. Clear conflict of interest between the politicians and their public union voters. This is part of what makes america a truly screwed up nation.

    1. @ BG

      If you’re looking for the source of the problems this country faces, look to the One Percent. Then, look in the mirror where you’ll find one of the useful idiots upon whom the One Percent rely to carry their “class warfare” water for them.

    2. Let’s parse, shall we?

      “Clear conflict of interest between the politicians and their public union voters.”

      Huh? How? Do you even know what a conflict of interest is?

      “This is part of what makes america a truly screwed up nation.”

      Begging the question.

      Most. Asinine. Comment. Evar.

  4. BG, you’ve got a BIG idea there – eradicating unions. Adolf Hitler was a big thinker like you. He eradicated unions in 1933, the same year he eradicated all opposing political parties. That was also the year he eradicated local governments and eradicated all anti-Nazi K-12 teachers and university professors from the educational system. There’s something oddly familiar about these bold reforms, isn’t there?

    1933 was the year Hitler established the first concentration camp at Dachau. Of course, he had some BIG ideas about eradication when the light bulb went on and he realized that the BIG idea of concentration camps could be expanded to the BIG idea of extermination camps.

    Yes, 1933 was a banner year for Hitler for all of these marvelous reforms were enacted legally, including the Reichstag vote to confer dictatorial authority upon him. Hmm, something oddly familiar about concentration of power here too, eh?

    Surely BG, a BIG thinker such as yourself wouldn’t see any conflict of interest demonstrated in this video. Nah. Perish the thought. No BG, don’t even think about it. BIG thinkers don’t need to think continually. BIG thinkers can just stop thinking once all the answers are packaged up in a single grand, BIG thinking, all encompassing, unalterable ideology.

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