It’s no wonder Wisconsin’s “Deer Czar” wants to privatize hunting in WI

Remember James Kroll, WI’s “Deer Czar” who referred to public hunting lands as “the last bastion of communism?”

It seems in addition to serving as Wisconsin’s “Deer Czar,” Dr. Kroll is also a bit of a capitalist, offering endorsements/testimonials for various deer-related products and services. Among the products Dr. Kroll has endorsed is Boss Buck, a feeding system used at game farms that actually bears Dr. Kroll’s name and signature.

Here’s a list of some of the products James Kroll has endorsed or done testimonials for:

The powers-that-be in Wisconsin have long believed in science-driven game management, but thanks to James Kroll we could now be seeing a shift towards profit-driven privatization of hunting and capitalism-driven game management in our fair state.

Credit for much of the content of this entry goes to reader Jim Spice, via his Facebook page.


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6 thoughts on “It’s no wonder Wisconsin’s “Deer Czar” wants to privatize hunting in WI

  1. Have the rules changed? I seem to remember that state employees, especially those working in natural resources, were not allowed to have outside income from anything that was in any way related to their state job to prevent conflicts of interest.

  2. More gut wrenching.

    30 years of chipping away at the commons has taken its toll on every sector that has been subject to privatization. Eliminating the public sphere, gnawing it to the bone until the last vestige is privatized will only lead to disaster – it will never be reclaimed. But, again, I’ll be the broken record when I say that the Deer Czar comes as no surprise. This is a lurid example of conservatives doing what conservatives do best. What I find galling is that Democrats have yet to fully embrace public sector revitalization and develop a platform squarely in support of not only maintaining and enhancing the public sphere, but also reclaiming what has been lost through privatization and public-private hybrids. The commons is not even in their discourse. If it does slip in here or there it is only with platitudes, usually during an election year. Where is the well reasoned, concerted push back? There isn’t any.

    Eventually we’ll have no more public works, only private works: Education, water, beaches, parks, land and the environment, telecommunications, arts and culture, the military, hospitals, the health department, prisons, police, fire departments, snow removal, garbage collection, zoos, social security, medicare, meat inspection, local governments…. and so on and so on and so on… think it’s going to stop? Think again. It’s going to accelerate.

    Don’t expend all your outrage on conservatives – privatization is mighty high on the Democratic agenda too. Remember what Belloq said to Indiana Jones: “And it would take only a nudge to make you like me, to push you out of the light; you know it’s true.” With respect to privatization, as it is Democrats don’t need much of a nudge to follow in conservative footsteps. You know it’s true.

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