Recall Memo: June 5: Walker 57 Barrett 13 OR Walker 25 Barrett 1

No those aren’t the most recent poll numbers from the tea party sun tea brewmaster…they are very specific fundraising numbers for our two gubernatorial candidates in the recall election.

First, 57% of Governor Walker’s contributions came from out of state! While Mayor Barrett’s contributions from out of state amounted to 13%. So much for Governor Walker’s painting himself the target of out of state unions…it just isn’t so.

The second pair of numbers is the amount raised by each candidate during the past reporting period. Governor Walker: $25.3 million…Mayor Barrett $832,000.

There is no way that the Mayor Barrett can overcome the deficit in campaign contributions in the next two weeks…but he can certainly use our help. You can contribute here!

But please make sure you understand and make it clearly known: 57% of Governor Scott Walker’s $25 million campaign war chest came from people outside of Wisconsin. What favors do they expect in return?

And most importantly, VOTE:

VOTE for Governor:

—–>> Barrett

VOTE for Lieutenant Governor:

—–>> Mitchell


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4 thoughts on “Recall Memo: June 5: Walker 57 Barrett 13 OR Walker 25 Barrett 1

  1. So basically Walker has raised a much larger amount of money from inside the state than Barrett. Because 13% of 25 million dollars is over 3 million dollars. 57% of $800K is about $500K. What I see out of those numbers is that a lot more Democrats from outside of Wisconsin know that Tom Barrett is not a good candidate.

  2. Actually, Pete, it’s that during the petitioning time, Walker could solicit unlimited campaign contributions. That $25 million came from staggeringly few people. Barrett has had to adhere to normal limits.

  3. Tired tactic — can we expect consistency on this issue when Democrat candidates do the same? Tammy Baldwin comes to mind. I must have missed those blog entries.

    1. considering you can’t remember your name, it’s very likely you’ve missed untold number of things.

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