5 thoughts on “Shock! Waukesha’s Republican DA declines to prosecute Republican Mitt Romney

  1. DA Schimel is an enabler…if Mitt Romney thinks he can get away with free sub sandwiches today, if he ever got his hands on the west wing, he’d think he can give away free submarines to rogue dictators…oh…never mind, that’s always been federal policy.

  2. Is it more or less shocking than Milwaukee not prosecuting in the “BBQ for votes” party SEIU threw or Wisconsin Right to Life for offering rewards to volunteers who registered voters?

    Personally, I’d argue that a partisan primary isn’t a real election anyway & the government shouldn’t be doing anything to enforce laws on how the R’s & D’s select their candidates.

    But either way, there’s a huge gray area that most prosecutors apparently have no interest in mucking into.

  3. Cmon, I know there’s a few good people in Waukesha County not named Lisa Mux or Phil Scarr. All we need is for you to come out to the polls on June 5, and say “We’re tired of being a corrupt laughingstock to the rest of the state.”

    All it takes is for you to be 1/3 of the Waukesha County vote (well, and to make sure Cheatin’ Kathy counts your vote), and Walker can’t win. Yes, your vote and turnout matters every bit as much as the Dem turnouts in Madison and Milwaukee.

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