Thursday Music: Shameless Self-Promotion

One of the sad things about not having my own blog anymore is I can’t use it to relentlessly flog my own performances.  But I will take a moment on this Thursday Music Thursday to do a very brief bit of self-promotion.

This Saturday night, May 5, the songwriting collective to which I belong holds its annual New Song Concert at the 19th Street Coffee House:

The Portage Road Songwriter’s Guild is dedicated to the craft of songwriting. Matching the right words with meter and melody, chasing a chord progression, and knowing sweet success when it all comes together in a song that resonates. Creating something out of nothing. Come listen to the newest songs birthed this last year by our own Milwaukee performing singer/songwriters, ERIC BAER, JAY BULLOCK, CHRIS HEAD, MARK PLOTKIN, CHRIS STRAW and BARB WEBBER. Guests: Tom Webber and Jon Pagenkopf. $5 suggested donation 8pm

Chris Head is the Chris Head of Chris Head and the Honchos:

The rest of us seem not to be on YouTube, but you might know Barb Webber as the Barb Webber of the Fair Webber Folk Band and Chris Straw as one-third of the chicks in the Moxie Chicks.

BONUS PROMO:  I also do some amateur improv comedy at ComedySportz Milwaukee.  Tonight, May 3, at 7 PM is the CSz Rec League twice-annual “Game-O-Matic” Showcase:  The players invent new improv games and premiere them at this show.  The show is FREE and the bar will be open for your drinkage needs.  This is always a pretty awesome evening of free entertainment.   You get a similar quality of free entertainment every Sunday starting at 2 PM when the Rec League has its head-to-head match-ups.  Each of the next two Sundays my team plays at 4 PM.


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Music: Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. If you are going to special mention Ms. Webber, it is unfair to leave out mention the your special guest and my friend, Tom Webber is also a Fair Webber Folk! LOL!

    1. Yeah, I love Tom. But he’s technically not a member of the Guild, just Barb’s accompanist. Although the rumor is that this year they’re doing a song Tom wrote!

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