A “blip” in the DOA contract process? Yeah, suuuuure….

Move along folks….there’s nothing to see here!

Recently, WEDC made a soft offer of economic development assistance to a Wisconsin-based company, Skyward, Inc., which would have provided certain tax credits to the company contingent on their successful award in the competitive RFP process for the SSIS. No DOA or DPI personnel involved in the RFP were aware of this potential tax credit soft offer.

Directly linking a tax credit to the successful award of a state contract violates the spirit of a competitive RFP.

So let’s recap….

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which was set up and is controlled by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, made an offer of tax credits to a company bidding on a contract put out by the state Department of Administration, which is headed by a Walker appointee.

Yeah, there’s nothing at all suspect about that!


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5 thoughts on “A “blip” in the DOA contract process? Yeah, suuuuure….

  1. What is a “soft offer”? Verbal? Anything in writing? How did this come to the knowledge of the reporter?

  2. We citizens must answer with a “hard offer” to the Department of Justice by a formal complaint and/or a referral to our state senator or representative for an answer if there is any impropriety.

    I have done the latter via a forward of this discussion.

  3. “Yeah, there’s nothing suspect about that.”
    I don’t agree, Zach. When are we going to put Gov. Walker in jail?

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