Conservatives boycotting Oreos & Kraft?!? Really?!?

So apparently this image was enough to send some conservatives into a tizzy, threatening to stop eating Oreos and boycotting Kraft Foods, the makers of Oreos.

The image was released via the official Facebook fan page for Oreo cookies along with the words “Proudly support love!” in recognition of Pride Month — a time to celebrate diversity and call for equal rights regardless of sexuality. As is the case with Kraft Foods (makers of Oreo cookies) some corporations use the occasion to pledge their support to the LGBT community, whether through promotional offers, organizing employee events and volunteer opportunities or taking out advertisements.


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12 thoughts on “Conservatives boycotting Oreos & Kraft?!? Really?!?

  1. Sort of reminds one of all the boycotts we see by liberals when they disagree with conservative causes. Personally I think boycotts on both sides are just a waste of time.

  2. Are you sure they are boycotting because of the LGBT thing and not for Kraft Food’s apparent support for type 2 diabetes?

  3. Please cite any proof of conservatives calling for a boycott of Kraft. Some losers post on Facebook that they “will never buy oreos again” because Kraft created a rainbow cookie and you make it sound like there are Conservative groups calling for a massive boycott.

    That would be akin to me releasing a post titled “Liberals Killing People in the Inner City” because an African American drug dealer shot a rival dealer and African Americans are predominately liberal, therefore it must be true.
    Can’t you comment on real stories instead of making up this ridiculous stuff?

      1. I don’t really know what an email address shared between myself and my partner has to do with the subject. We are both conservative and love Oreos, not that this has anything to do with the suject either.

        1. Oh, one more little bit of housekeeping – I’m tired of editing your pseudonym. Stick with Kim so I don’t have to keep editing your pseudonym every time you post.

      1. Of course Kim will argue that’s not a boycott of Oreos.

        I’d also like to say I find Kim’s hypothetical involving ridiculous stereotypes of African Americans to be absolutely insane.

      2. The record will show that Kim commented on this thread after having been provided proof of a conservative call for boycotts and did not respond to that proof.

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