Some photos from today’s Tom Barrett & Bill Clinton GOTV rally in Milwaukee

Earlier today former Democratic President Bill Clinton appeared at a rally along with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in Pere Marquette Park in Milwaukee.

Here are some photos I took at the event.

President Clinton was in fine form today, and despite the best efforts of a pro-Scott Walker heckler (who said he was a firefighter, no less), the rally really was great.

I’ll have some video to post once it’s finished uploading to our YouTube channel.


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12 thoughts on “Some photos from today’s Tom Barrett & Bill Clinton GOTV rally in Milwaukee

    1. JSonline just posted Clinton’s speech, in its entirety. It’s terrific, of course.

      I hope BBlue’s video has Barrett’s speech, too.

        1. My mayor was fired up! despite that heckler who showed such appalling disrespect, too, to a President of the United States.

          Oh, and back to Barrett: Luv the Brewers jacket.

  1. Pere Marquette would have been proud. It was a lovely event, and Barrett was fighting mad. Bill Clinton barked like the big dog that he is.

  2. When I got back to my office, MJS online had a few notes, and a ton of derogatory comments…my favorite one: I can see the park from my office and there aren’t more than 1,000 people there. Yeah right. LOL!

  3. By the way, Barrett showed up unannounced near the end of the Tom Morello and co. show at the Labor Temple. He got swarmed by people. Would never have seen that in 2010.

    I also saw some Walker backers using some blocklong shot to claim no one was there, when it’s obvious that a lot of people are there. I think they’re confusing that with the “tundra wasteland” picture from their failure of a Teabag rally in Tosa earlier this year. Heck, Walker had so few people supporting him for the Koch bus rally that they had to move it out of the Capitol Square because the sparse crowd would have made for an embarrassing picture.

  4. It really smelled like poop in the river when I went out jogging Saturday and Sunday – was gagging!

    Will Mayor Barrett continue to help the inner city by putting up more gov. buildings – or will he get some of these factorys up and running again. He was my congressman in the 90’s and just did nothing interesting or exciting in congress the entire time – kinda the second Herb Kohl – just there. He was a shitty congressman, a shitty mayor and will LOOSE suckas!

    1. Colly, it’s “lose,” not “loose.”

      Also, Mayor Barrett has seen some great successes when it comes to revitalizing Milwaukee’s manufacturing base, as anyone who’s been through the Menomonee River Valley can attest to. Mayor Barrett also helped bring Talgo to Milwaukee’s central city, but thanks to Gov. Walker Talgo’s now leaving town and taking good manufacturing jobs with it.

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