Football Runs This University

These are the words of one janitor who observed former Penn State University assistant coach and convicted child molester, Jerry Sandusky, engaging in inappropriate conduct with a young boy years ago and didn’t say anything because he was afraid of losing his job.

“Football runs this university.”

This is why the molestation of young boys could be brushed aside. It’s because football ran Penn State University and nothing would be allowed to get in the way of continued success on the field. This highlights what is seriously wrong with our university sports programs nationwide. It’s all about money and on-field success.

Think a moment on what could be done to upgrade academic programs if just a portion of the money spent on sports programs would be re-allocated.

Think a moment how many future students could be helped who do not have the financial means.

Think a moment how much new important research could be generated, which would benefit more than just those touched by football fever every fall.

Look, I enjoy watching college football and I am certainly not advocating for the demolition of sports programs. Nonetheless, I believe our national priorities are seriously skewed. Wealthy donors provide huge sums of money to sports programs for personal motives such as getting their names on training facilities. Taxpayer money is used for improvement of these same programs and yet, tuition continues to rise steadily, making it near impossible for anyone other than the wealthy to get an education without accruing such debt it takes decades to pay off.

Everyone deserves the chance at further education. Everyone deserves the chance to make their dreams come true, not just those who wish to buy a piece of immortality.

And, everyone deserves to be safe from predators enabled by big-money interests.

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