Mitt Romney asserts he can better represent African Americans as president than President Obama

Uhhhhhhh…..Mitt Romney said what?!?

Mitt Romney drew boos, shouts and jeers from attendees while speaking here to the NAACP convention, who balked at his claim that he — not the country’s first black president — could best represent black America.

“If you want the president who will make things better in the African-American community, you’re looking at him,” Romney said, as he was immediately met with loud shouts.

Apparently Romney’s campaign thought he did a great job convincing the folks in attendance at the NAACP convention that he’d better represent them than President Barack Obama, with Romney campaign advisor Tara Wall stating, “He had a standing ovation at the end. There was a lot more applause than disagreement.” I wonder if it ever occurred to Tara Wall that it’s quite possible those in attendance were just being polite to a presidential candidate, because I don’t see much in Mitt Romney’s presidential platform that would lead me – or any other reasonable, rational person – to believe he’d do right by African-Americans in this country. After all, Romney supports making it harder for African-Americans to vote (He’s supportive of Voter ID laws), he wants to eviscerate the social safety net (Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, other assistance programs), and he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which isn’t perfect but provides health care coverage to more Americans.

I’m inclined to agree with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s assessment that Romney wanted to be booed at the NAACP Convention, and while Pelosi didn’t explain her statement, I think Romney’s appearance – and more importantly his rhetoric – was carefully calculated to help Romney solidify his conservative credentials among the more racist segments of the conservative movement.

The fact is, a Mitt Romney presidency would be devastating for African-Americans – not to mention women, latinos, the poor, the middle class, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t make $250,000 or more per year or who isn’t a corporation.


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5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney asserts he can better represent African Americans as president than President Obama

  1. As a black man myself the whole gop/ limbaugh/ southern republican theme is freakishly laughable!! These typically racist individuals say the filthiest racist hate comments on a daily basis!! And when confronted by their sub human behavior the games and ignorance kicks in to high gear!! First trick they always like to use is the ”I NEVER SAID THAT!” then when you replay the vidoe they go to plan B- ”YOU MISUNDERSTOOD MY STATEMENT” then when ask them what did they really mean, then it’s time for plan C- try to muddy the water by turning the tables. Republicans typically are low level thinkers so when you confronted them on their racism they foolishly try to accuse YOU of being the racist because you’re bring it up! WOW! WILLARD ROMMEY may not be a bigot but I know one damn thing for a fact! his party sure milks it’s racist base with frequency! WILLARD ROMMEY went to the NAACP not for trying to communicate to them, it was to show the gops slightly less racist base “I TRIED TO REASON WITH THOSE DARKIES!!! WILLARD ROMMEY was praying everybody in that audience would boo the hell out of him! It’s typical american politics, ignorant, petty, little to none on substance! See ignorant republicans will view WILLARD ROMMEY’S luke warm acceptance as evidence of ” BLACK PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE THE DEMS BITCHES!” most intelligent black people have ZERO reason to take the republican seriously!! Question, if Louis farrahkan was invited to CPAC what kind of reception would he get???? lol WHITE POWER GROUPS the WHITE NAZI GROUPS the NRA GUN NUTS would greet farrahkan with death threats!! but republicans aren’t racist! papa limbaugh declared racism DEAD on his radio show years ago. America ”home of the low level thinker” well most american republican thinkers

  2. Right you are, Zach. Romney just wanted to prove to his base that he’s committed to standing up to the NAACP. It was a white supremist racial move, and those in attendence knew it. They stood up to show they could stand up to Romney as well. Knight4444 shows you what that audience really thought.

  3. See I remember when racist in the 60’s to 80’s used to tell you without hesitation how they felt they’d call you a nigger or spick or whoop ECT ECT but today’s 21 century republican archie bunker type perfers the covert racism camouflage!! It’s so cowardly and pathetic! republicans especially the racist republicans make me wanna vomit! If your a racist WHY NOT SIMPLY OWN IT???!!! stop these sickening petty mind games! This country is still extremely racist! Question how could a simple minded drug addict spew racist, sexest crap for over 20 yrs and make MULTIMILLIONS!!??? and not get canned??? if Jessie jackson or ANY non WHITE person remotely peddled the racist filth limbaugh pull out his ass they’d be taken off the air after show no.1!!!!!! and republicans have the audacity to wonder why minorities can’t stand them!!! GO FIGURE!!!

  4. Unfortunately, you’ve hit on some awful and despicable truths about our state of affairs in, dare I say it – the 21st Century.

    Not the 18th Century, not the 19th Century, not the 20th Century…the hideous truths you reveal… is where we are now. To my mind it is a place unfathomable and unthinkable. In our time, there isn’t any defense for the ignorance and racism that is preventing this country from thriving and excelling.

    Conservatives will continually blockade progress due to their regressive momentum.

    A Republican vote is a vote for immorality, ignorance, and repression.

    But really, until a Democratic vote means something entirely antithetical, a Democratic vote is not a viable choice either.

  5. PJ once again you nailed it! I truly believe both parties have destroyed this country!! Democrats make half ass promises then go to the table and remarkably start back peddling negotiating from a mindset of craving in before one word is said, I give up on those candy ass clowns! Republicans take what they want!! say whatever bulls*it that energizes their one or two issue voters! GUNS- GOD – AND GAYS! see it’s the 21 century republican mindset! 400 years ago republicans types were the people who insisted the world was flat! these same republican types burned single women because they believed they were witches! LOL I’m serious many republicans truly believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old! believe dinosaur bones are fake and believe that the planet can’t be destroyed by man, global warming is a tree huggers hoax!! These people are anti science which makes them not only brainless morons but dangerous!! these stone age fools are being lead by a political party that feeds them nonsense 24 hours a day! using these half wits for votes! Fux news and rupert murdoch have done more harm to this country than any legion of 50’s style commies could commit in a lifetime!! president Lincoln wanted this country united, could you imagine his absolute disgust at how we turn out 146 yrs later???

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