Mitt Romney’s Burmese connection

On Sunday I wrote about the furor that erupted when it was discovered the outfits that will be worn by U.S. Olympic athletes at the opening and closing ceremonies for the London Olympics were actually made in China, and I noted reaction to the revelation was bipartisan in nature.

Conspicuously without comment on the flap is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, perhaps with a very bad reason.

For the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who has repeatedly promised on the trail to “get tough” on China, opposing the manufacturing seemed a likely stance, except that while at the helm of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Romney outsourced the production of torchbearer uniforms to Burma.

For Romney, the 2002 Olympics anecdote represents another instance of outsourcing under his stewardship, as President Barack Obama’s reelection team continues to assail him for shipping jobs overseas while at private equity firm Bain Capital. It also exposes an embarrassing oversight in allowing the uniforms to be manufactured in Burma, which until just last year was controlled by a brutal military regime.

Keep in mind that more than 10,000 runners wore the uniforms in question while carrying the Olympic torch to the Winter Games, so the decision to outsource production of those uniforms to a country controlled by a brutal dictatorship is no small thing.


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5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Burmese connection

  1. WILLARD ROMMEY is your typical ignorant republican! this idiot knew good and damn well his life and business practices were going to be exposed and the moron still ran! lol See he’s counting on the dizzy sheep to ignore his shady business deals, and beat the black guy!! good luck on that one WILLARD

  2. Oh, by the way, Sheldon Adelson, the biggest donor to Restore Our Future, the biggest pro-Romney SuperPAC, allegedly did business with Chinese crime syndicates, in apparent violation of the federal Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Feds decide to investigate Adelson.

  3. Just wondering if your story is correct. Romney was head of the SLAT LAKE CITY Olympics the people in charge of making sure the venues and city were ready, the clothes are approved by the US OLYMPIC committee of which Romney was not a part of.

    1. WRONG, try doing a wikipedia search buddy, it clearly states in BLACK and WHITE WILLARD ROMMEY was president & CEO of the 2002 salt lake olympic commitee. I give you a E for effort buddy…….

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