Rest In Peace, Ernest Borgnine

According to his manager, Academy Award-winnging film and television actor Ernest Borgnine died today from renal failure at age 95.

In addition to his more well-known roles in film and television during his 60-year career, Borgnine is most famous in my household as the voice of Mermaid Man on SpongeBob SquarePants, not to mention his staunch support of Milwaukee’s Great Circus Parade, where for 30 years Borgnine marched as the “Grand Clown.”


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2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Ernest Borgnine

  1. My condolences to Mr. Borgnine’s family. And I hope he left a memoir telling how he managed to get all those roles for all those years being, as he was, a bigger ham than Clark Gable.

    No doubt he was a warm and engaging person in real life, but I suspect that the Star Trek “Borg” was inspired by him and his craggy smile.

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