Paul Ryan: the do-nothing Congressman

As noted by Jennifer Bendery of the Huffington Post, despite his 13 year tenure in the House of Representatives, Republican Rep. (and Romney running mate) Paul Ryan has accomplished very little during his time in Congress, having seen only two of his bills passed into law.

Ryan, who Mitt Romney has tapped as his running mate, passed a bill into law in July 2000 that renames a post office in his district. Thanks to Ryan, the post office on 1818 Milton Ave. in Janesville, Wis., is now known as “Les Aspin Post Office Building.”

The other time Ryan saw one of his bills become law was in December 2008, with legislation to change the way arrows (as in bows and arrows) are hit with an excise tax. Specifically, his bill amended the Internal Revenue Code to impose a 39-cent tax per arrow shaft, instead of a 12.4 percent tax on the sales price. The bill also “includes points suitable for use with arrows in the 11 percent excise tax on arrow parts and accessories.”

Renaming post offices is hardly what I’d consider “big ideas” that are going to put our country on a different course, and I’m astonished that a man who has managed to rename a post office and change the way arrows are taxed is being held up as a “rising star” within the Republican Party.

The fact that Paul Ryan has done almost nothing of consequence during his time as the elected Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district just underscores why he doesn’t deserve to be reelected to his position in Congress, much less the vice presidency of the United States.


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12 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: the do-nothing Congressman

  1. Gwen Moore has had ZERO bills passed. Only two have made it out of ommittee. Obama had TWO bills become law as well. The fact that Gwen moore has done NOTHING at all during her time as a congresswoman shows why she shouldn’t be relected. It also shows that OBAMA was a do nothing senator and should have never been elected president.

    1. Gwen Moore is a candidate for vice president; Paul Ryan is. Gwen Moore is also not held up as a star within the Democratic Party, while Paul Ryan most definitely is held up as a star within the Republican Party.

      So if you think Gwen Moore shouldn’t be reelected, then certainly you’ll agree that Paul Ryan shouldn’t be reelected either, since I wouldn’t consider a bill that renamed a post office something that merits him getting another term in office.

  2. I think the post is about Ryan’s rhetoric that seems to be pervasive in politics nothing gets done just talk but now that I think about this Americans do this all day long on Facebook and elsewhere taking about the election but its always the same result every 4 years. In any event I learned information on Ryan’s years in office. Anybody see this yet?

  3. rtfq,
    Looks like the comparison you are making. But it’s really a contrast isn’t it? 2 bills passed into law after 3 years contrasted against 2 bills passed into law after 13 years. Is that the contrast you are making?

    1. I wouldn’t consider co-sponsoring legislation to be some great legislative accomplishment; all he’s doing is adding his name to a list of Representatives supporting legislation written by someone else.

      1. So you’ll defend Ryan when the DNC drags up these bills to come up with attack its Ads since “all’s doing is adding his name to a list”?

        1. In adding his name to the list of co-sponsors, he’s also signifying his support for said legislation, otherwise why would he add his name as a co-sponsor?

          I think those kinds of attacks are fair game, because the legislation a specific lawmaker chooses to support speaks volumes about their ideology (not that Ryan’s ideology isn’t well known already).

  4. I agree that other legislation sponsorship and voting records are all fair play. I disagree with the assertion that Ryan hasn’t done any thing. The man has shaped the ideological debate. As you note, Ryan’s ideology is well known. Can the same be said about Obama’s vision for the next four years?

    I think Obama will lose a lot of his momentum if this debate becomes about the merits of a VP candidate’s plan instead of the President’s own ideas. One of the 48 laws of power holds that If you are being attacked by a theoretically weaker party, do not elevate that party to a position of strength or equality by fighting on their ideas. Obama has just done with Ryan.

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