Hey Vets, What Does Senator Johnson Have Against You?

In the Sunday September 16th edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in their Sunday feature, CONGRESS Following the Vote, we find this little tidbit:

VETERANS (sic) JOBS CORPS Senators on Wednesday voted 84 – 8, to debate a bill launching a Veterans Job Corps at a deficit neutral cost of $1 billion over five years. A yes vote was to advance the bill promoting hiring priority for veterans and first responders and creating a variety of jobs on public lands (S 3457)

So, this vote was to allow the Senate to DEBATE the bill…not pass it, approve it or any way enact it into law. Just to let the Senators discuss it in the Senate. One of our Senators voted Yes, to allow the debate. That would be Senator Herb Kohl.

But Senator Ron Johnson voted against it. Voted against democracy…voted against allowing a bill to even be discussed in the Senate…voted against actually doing the job we sent him to Washington to perform. And exactly what does he have against our veterans?


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12 thoughts on “Hey Vets, What Does Senator Johnson Have Against You?

  1. Hopefully, at the next election, we can send him back home permanently to count his wife’s millions instead of disrespecting veterans.

    USAF Vet, Korean War

  2. Vietnam Vet “69… Hey before you start screaming foul check out what else Harry Reid and his gang of thieves had attached to it.This whole thing was nothing more than a show for the Dems. As a vet we already have a 10 point preferential score for civil service jobs and all government jobs. WI pays the highest GI education benefits. This was a bill that in reality added zip. The Senate has at least 15 other bills they have not acted on sent to them by the congress.All job bills!!!Dig a little deeper and you’ll know who to point fingers at. The Republicans throughout history have always supported the Military and families while the liberals turn their noses up and in my day called us some pretty colorful names.

    1. J. F., If you read the article, I am not supporting the bill nor condemning it. It may in fact be a piece of junk as you seem to indicate. I am bringing up the fact that Senator Johnson voted against DISCUSSING the bill. Plainly any bill that makes it way out of committee should at least gets its day on the Senate floor. Every Senator should have his or her chance to rail against it or tout it to the heavens. How else are we to know what they are up to?

      Meanwhile: “Senate Republicans blocked legislation Wednesday that would have established a $1 billion jobs program putting veterans back to work tending to the country’s federal lands and bolstering local police and fire departments.”


    2. Nine year vet here, and thanks for your honorable service. Your experience is what it is, but I’d like to think we’ve all moved on from then. Look, this was a bi-partisan measure, with both R and D sponsors. But the R sponsors cut and run. Let me quote Paul Rieckhoff, CEO of the Irag and Afghanistan Veterans of America:

      “The blockage of the Veterans Job Corps Act, a bipartisan effort authored by Senators Murray, Burr, Boozman, Heller and Toomey, should outrage all Americans. This bill was smart bipartisan policy that would put veterans back into service for their communities as policemen, firefighters and first responders. The result of today’s vote creates tremendous doubt that this Congress will be able to pass any additional veterans legislation in 2012. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans should not have to wait until 2013 for critical support from Congress.”

      Your assertion that Republicans support our veterans is laughable in the face of the fact that G.W. Bush during his administration underfunded VA hospitals by up to $2 billion a year and cut $1.5 billion from military housing projects. I can go on, but I’m just getting angry.

  3. Johnson is the worst Senator (used only in an advisory capacity) ever. He is self-serving and is an embarrassment to our country, our great state (along with Walker) and my hometown Oshkosh.

  4. In calling Senator Johnson’s office this morning to voice my disapproval at his “Nay” vote, I was led to believe he did not vote against the bill itself but an amendment which effectively did the same thing. No difference that I can see.


    Looking at the record of his vote on S.3457, it seems Johnson dumped on Veterans and is lying to his constituents.

    The bottom line is Wisconsin veterans were abandoned by Johnson in their search for a job.

    What say you?

  5. Well Rich ,that is what most Blue sites do is get angry. Fact..2 bill number not quite accurate. The housing plan hit the fan when the entire market went Ka Put. Also fact BOTH houses were in total control of the Dems. These bills now in the Senate were postponed by Sen Reid so Sen Brown can debate his Dem opponent in Mass. Sen Brown had stated that he was willing to miss the debate if need be so the floor debate and vote would take place. Sen Reid on his own put off the vote because he wanted Brown to debate the Dem in Mass. The Dems want to win that seat back badly. Also with these make work job bills ,who picks up the tab when Fed funds run out ??? The states are left with the bills. That in turn causes layoffs down the road. Dems don’t much care about that as long as they get through the next election smelling like a rose. Try and not get angry, but informed on BOTH sides of the fence. My oldest son is a Lt in the USMC and talking with him and his fellow brothers they to a man agree they would prefer a man like Bush be their commander-in-Chief any day. That goes for his college buds that went into the USA. I would have to say there must have been something those men see in him…

    1. I served under 3 presidents. It wasn’t my job to like any of them. This president ended a war in Iraq and is on a timeline to exit Afghanistan. Your son should appreciate that. A soldier should never want to fight. Only to be prepared to the extent that they know they will excel if called on to do so. As a Nam vet, you know full well that if you couldn’t avoid the draft, and had a daddy with political power, you went into the National Guard, because their mission at the time was strictly domestic. GWB knew that. He was a coward. As was Cheney. And Rumsfeld.

      Your statement about “BOTH houses were in total control of the Dems” is erroneous. The Democrats only had a super majority in the Senate for about 90 days during the entire Congress. And when they didn’t the GOP, as was their overt plan, obstructed everything of substance. And I have no idea where you were going with the Reid quip.

      And these bills were paid for. Give me evidence of where a state was going have to pick up a tab. You want to talk GOP unfunded mandates? Let’s start with No Child Left Behind. I can go on from there.

  6. Currently, less than 1% of the U.S population serve our country,

    Yet Senator Johnson and others in Congress disrespect and show almost a criminal lack of appreciation for the few who placed their lives on the line for so many. Veterans return to pick up their former civilian life and are denied any credit for “lost time” or preference in seeking employment.

    It’ a disgrace! Shame, shame on you, Senator Johnson, and your fellow haters of veterans.

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