Jonathan Steitz has some extreme supporters

To say Illinois lawyer Jonathan Steitz has some supporters with very extreme beliefs would be an understatement.

Case in point is a Pleasant Prairie man who has deemed Jonathan Steitz worthy of a campaign contribution, a man who also wrote this about slavery:

Any people that are decendents of Americasn slaves, would not be alive today if their ancestors would not been have rescued from certian death by the people that bought them and then sold them in America.

Further more the continued deneial of the compasionate act of giving those people a second chance for life, and the condeming of their benifactors, and the fact that they deneigh that many Americans died for them to even end slavery in this country, is the reason that many white people are to say the least, not impressed with the gratitude expressed to them by blacks.

Not content to stop there, this same Steitz campaign donor also wrote the following in a blog entry titled, “I AN WHITE AND I AM PROUD OF IT”

I am proud to be a White American! White men Created this country,

While Jonathan Steitz’s campaign website works hard to try to convince folks he’s a nonthreatening, moderate Republican, if his supporters are any indication Steitz is anything but a moderate, reasonable Republican.

In fact, as one blogger noted, Steitz strikes me as exactly the kind of far-right fringe Republican that would fit in perfectly as a footsoldier in the Fitzwalkerstan army.


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