A beer garden in Sheridan Park sounds like a great idea

More beer gardens in Milwaukee County Parks? I say we start in Sheridan Park!

Milwaukee County would add two more beer gardens in the parks as a way to leverage public and private money for park maintenance, under a plan unveiled Monday.

The idea would be to model the new beer gardens after this year’s pioneering effort at Estabrook Park, which netted the county about $65,000. The county gets 20% of beer sales and 10% of food sales under its Estabrook contract with restaurateur Hans Weisgerber III.

The proposal would allow one beer garden to be built on the west or northwest side and one to be built on the south side. No specific sites were mentioned.

Having visited the beer garden in Estabrook Park, I think putting a beer garden in Sheridan Park would be a boon for not just the park, but for the city of Cudahy as well.


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5 thoughts on “A beer garden in Sheridan Park sounds like a great idea

  1. If they use the pavilion it isn’t a beer garden! And Sheridan Park has infrastructure in it’s own right. Sheridan Park could use some extra traffic. South Shore Park is already pretty populous. And I’d hate to see a nice beer garden jammed into the Frolics.

    Humboldt Park may be on the short list too.

  2. Why don’t they build a zip-line to the author’s house, too? (My vote is South Shore, but I bet Humboldt Park gets the nod.)

    1. I think South Shore would be a fine location, but given the fact that there’s not much going on at Sheridan Park, putting a beer garden there would be more of a boon to the park itself and the area surrounding the park.

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