Watch the Milwaukee County Executive Candidates forum

Last week Friday the five candidates running for Milwaukee County Executive came together at Eckstein Hall, home of the Marquette University Law School, for a candidate forum co-sponsored by the Law School and the Milwaukee Press Club. Thanks to Milwaukee Public Television, here’s video of the forum:

Having watched the candidate forum, I’m left with a few thoughts:

  • Before watching the debate I figured Ieshuh Griffin would be an absolute train wreck, and while she certainly didn’t seem to be in the same league as her opponents, she was far from a train wreck.
  • Chris Abele is really fond of nautical references, from his opening statement about the need to “rebuild the boat” rather than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic to his statement about Milwaukee County’s fiscal difficulties being a storm cloud right over the mast.
  • I love how Lee Holloway turned his difficulties as a slumlor…I mean, landlord from an indictment of his ability to effectively lead and manage Milwaukee County government into a tale about how bad the economy has gotten and how his code violations are really just “minor” issues like storm windows and plaster. Holloway showed that he’s a true politician by dancing around the issue without taking much responsibility for his role in the code violations at his rental properties.

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