Dan Sebring supports Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into voucher program

Now that fringe Republican Dan Sebring has announced he’ll challenge incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in 2012, I figured it was only appropriate to find out exactly where Sebring stands on Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget, which would turn Medicare into a voucher program. Under Rep. Ryan’s plan, which was nearly universally supported by House Republicans but which is wildly unpopular among a majority of Americans, seniors would be given a voucher from the government and forced to find health insurance coverage on their own. If the coverage seniors found cost more than the government voucher provided to seniors, those seniors would then be forced to pay the difference out of their own pockets.

Reached for comment on the Paul Ryan Medicare voucher program, Sebring campaign Senior Staff Brian Bromberek made it clear where Sebring stands on the issue of vouchers for seniors receiving Medicare, stating, “The inaction of the White House and Democrats in Congress with regard to balancing the federal budget in concert with the lack of proposals from either side of the aisle other than that of Rep. Paul Ryan leave little question as to what side of the fence Mr. Sebring would be on pertaining to this issue.”

Bromberek went on to note, “The budget proposal brought forward by Chairman Ryan is a step in the right direction,” adding that it, “makes the hard choices that will bring economic prosperity back to America.”

I’m not sure that forcing senior citizens – many of whom have fixed incomes and can’t easily absorb increases to their expenses – to pay more for their health insurance is a “step in the right direction,” but apparently Dan Sebring has a different definition of what progress really is. While Sebring seems to believe that a return to the days when 30% of senior citizens were living in poverty is “progress,” I tend to believe it’s a serious step backwards.


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2 thoughts on “Dan Sebring supports Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into voucher program

  1. “Fringe Republican”? Dan Sebring is a Republican Party official in Milwaukee County, which has some of the state’s largest gatherings. In fact, county Republican parties are quite often some of the best places to find potential candidates and strong local support. I’m intrigued to see who else carries your definition of “fringe”, as it’s certainly encompasses much more than the Dan Mielkes of politics, but also legitimate county party officials.

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