Mitt Romney’s Tax Form Hypocrisy

I know this was a hot topic quite a while ago…but I don’t know why it eventually fell off the radar…or why the media is giving Mr. Romney a pass on releasing so few tax returns.

But he essentially released two carefully considered and carefully massaged returns that were certainly prepared with his campaign in mind. The real tell in how much he earns and how it is accounted for would be in most any other return from the 21st Century. Did he always pay his ‘fair share’ of 15 % or so? How much foreign tax credits did he earn and carry forward and did they reduce that fair share percentage. The fact that he didn’t release them just seems to say he doesn’t think they will reflect positively on a candidate for President of the United States. And he’s probably right.

But here’s where the hipocrisy comes in. Mr. Romney has release two years of federal income taxes…yet the reports say he required Rep. Paul Ryan to provide ‘several years’ of returns to the Romney campaign while being vetted for the VP slot. I haven’t been able to find current reports that define that several years but in common parlance that is usually three or more. At one time I thought there was a published report that Rep. Ryan was required to provide 6 years of tax documents. A more recent article says ten!

Three to two, six to two, or ten to two, either way it seems like a double standard is in affect.

BTW: Mr. Romney was required to turn over 23 years of tax information to the McCain campaign and then Sen. McCain chose Sarah Palin instead. Just how damaging is the information in Mr. Romney’s tax documents?


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