Scott Walker’s deputy chief of staff: “Good coordination will help”

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we now have a copy of the presentation given by Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf at the felony sentencing hearing of Kelly Rindfleisch, the former Deputy Chief of Staff to then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

I’m particularly fond of page 35 of Landgraf’s presentation, which highlights an email exchange between Rindfleisch and Milwaukee County employees Tom Nardelli (Walker’s Chief of Staff), Fran McLaughlin (Walker’s Director of Communications), Cyndi Archer (Walker’s director of administrative services), Tim Russell (Walker’s Deputy Chief of Staff), and Jonathan Myhre (Walker’s Deputy Director of Communications). Also included in the email exchange arranging daily conference calls between Walker’s County Executive staff and his gubernatorial campaign were RJ Johnson, Keith Gilkes, and Jill Bader from Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

Page 42 of Landgraf’s presentation is also fascinating, as it details an email exchange between Scott Walker (using his gubernatorial campaign email account), Walker gubernatorial campaign staffers/consultants Keith Gilkes, RJ Johnson, and Jill Bader, with Fran McLauglin, Tom Nardelli, and Kelly Rindfleisch from Walker’s County Executive staff included on the email exchange. The email exchange in question pertains to specific wording for a press release issue by Walker’s gubernatorial campaign. Here’s a screenshot:

And just in case any of you reading this were thinking, “yeah, but maybe these folks didn’t realize what they were doing was illegal,” take a look at page 63 of Landgraf’s presentation, in which Kelly Rindfleisch makes it clear that a records request must be done “covertly so it’s not tied to Scott [Walker], the county or the campaign in any way.”

The fact that Scott Walker is directly included in email exchanges between his gubernatorial campaign staff and his County Executive staff (through his email address) seems to undermine Walker’s repeated assertions that he had no knowledge of illegal political work/coordination being done on county time by his County Executive staff.

Perhaps no other governor in our state’s 164 year history has been so intimately connected to so many individuals who have been convicted of engaging in illegal political activity that directly benefited said governor either before or during his time as governor.


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4 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s deputy chief of staff: “Good coordination will help”

  1. As my dead ol’ father from Ireland used to say, “Sonny, swindle is as swindle does”… More “living proof” and politicians can be, well, as “GREASY” as crooks and schnooks!!!

  2. I have to admit that, frnakly, I’m amazed that the Judicial Branch stepped up to the plate and isn’t letting this malarkey just pass . . . It’s truly refreshing to see someone (anyone) at the ‘public trough’ do exactly what they’re supposed to do.
    Thankful on Thanksgiving! Patrek O’ Reykjavik

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