Benghazi vs. Newtown

Congress is spending a lot of time investigating the supposed security breakdown in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans including our ambassador to Libya. Benghazi: a city so unstable and insecure that is just barely better than a war zone. It is amazing we only lost four Americans.

But when 26 Americans lost their lives in an elementary school in idyllic small town America…well, we don’t want to talk about protecting our own on our own soil.



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2 thoughts on “Benghazi vs. Newtown

  1. Of course not… It\’s just not politically \”germaine\” at the moment and there is nothing to be gained, poitically,.. that is, in trying to extrapolate and ruminate on \”spilt milk\” that holds no immediate benefit for those who wish to increase their \”positions\” at the public trough… So sayeth the sooth sayer. Onward, ever onward rode the noble six hundred…

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