Wanggaard won’t sue to overturn his recall election loss

To be honest, I’m surprised Van Wanggaard didn’t try “judge shopping” somewhere like Waukesha County for a friendly court…

Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard said Tuesday he would not sue to try to overturn his loss in the June 5 recall – an announcement that means control of the Senate will be handed over to Democrats as early as Wednesday.

Democrat John Lehman won the election by 834 votes, a margin that later decreased to 819 votes after Wanggaard requested a recount, citing election irregularities. Wanggaard has spent the past week mulling whether to sue to try to reverse the results.

Van Wanggaard may not have his seat in the State Senate anymore, but at least he’s got a nice public employee pension to fall back on, thanks to the public employee union that collectively bargained for one on behalf of members like Wanggaard.

Now Democrats have their majority in the State Senate, pyrrhic as it may be.


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1 thought on “Wanggaard won’t sue to overturn his recall election loss

  1. Zach, Senator Wanggard’s “concession statement” addressed your point. He claimed filing an action in Racine County Circuit Court would be fruitless, since any appeal from that decision would be heard by an apppeals court in Madison. I’m not an attorney so I don’t know how that works – it would seem to me that appeals from Racine County would be heard by the Second Distict in Waukesha. Dunno.

    Regardless, Wanggard’s “statement” is a real hoot. I don’t believe I’ve seen a more classless, petulant “concession” from a politician. He manages to attack his opponent, Dane County, Racine officials, and anyone who dares disagree with him. What a silly little baby. Good riddance.

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