4 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Dogs Salivate Simultaneously

  1. Snark or Not, I don\’t really give a rat\’s ass about the three you mentioned, much less about directing additional web traffic to them to enable them to tell themselves how very popular or clever they think they might be.

    As I asked at another Democratic leaning website a few minutes ago, is this part of the \”D\” leadership feint to distract low information Democratic Party members from noticing that their own party, the POTUS, Pelsoi and Reid are attempting to sell them down the Social Security cut river?


    Or better yet how about the easy explanation by economist Bill Black.


    BTW your request to stuff it, on the gun clip crap very much appreciated. Priorities:


  2. All are PAID to blog/write their stuff!
    Clearly they were doing as they were told to do!
    Nothing to see here…move along:)

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