South Korea Elects a Woman President

South Korea elects their first woman president.

Meanwhile, fifty one percent of the population of the United States of America is female. After the November 2012 elections, we were nearly breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back for electing TWENTY women to the US Senate for the first time in history (there should be 51 but who’s counting)!



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6 thoughts on “South Korea Elects a Woman President

  1. And ultra conservative House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi promises to deliver Congressional Democrats in cutting Social Security benefits to the poor and the elderly to benefit the top 2% of income earners because she believes Broncobomba is doing the right thing for Democrats in this country. Republicans get Obomba\’s offer to begin gutting the safety net as they gleefully eye their chances of winning the US Senate majority in 2014 as the Democrats will be easily blamed for the SS cuts.

    Pelosi\’s children and grandchildren will be financially well off enough to not need SS, so what the hey? Low information Democratic voters have yet to figure out the touted rise in taxes on income earned in excess of $250K means taxable income and not gross income so these promised tax hikes on the rich are nothing in comparison to the financial and social damage done with benefit cuts to the poor.

    Democrats whine that Romney would never have gotten away with these cuts to SS and continue to pat themselves on the back for their courageous votes in the face of that evil.

  2. I have consistently shown respect for everyone I have ever written about here on BB. Even those people who I have major disagreements with. I have used their correct titles when commenting about them, no nicknames, no pejoratives, no slang terms. I suggest you do the same when commenting here.

    1. Next thing you know Democrats will be denying a part of the First Amendment and backing it up with the Second Amendment.

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