Why Wouldn’t the NRA Support Universal Health Care?

Why is it those who support the status quo on assault weapon ownership and say we can reduce gun violence with better mental health standards are most often the same people who are against single payer universal health care? Couldn’t we do better providing mental health care if everyone had access to mental health providers via universal health insurance? You don’t suppose we could get the NRA to back universal health care do you?


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2 thoughts on “Why Wouldn’t the NRA Support Universal Health Care?

  1. This is a rhetorical question…right? No way the NRA is ever going to support a liberal agenda which, on the whole, attempts to reduce victims like Universal Health Care. The NRA, like the medical profession (but not necessarily individual providers) WANTS MORE victims to promote their products.

  2. yes it is a rhetorical question with just a bit of snark, sarcasm, and irony in the sauce

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