Why can’t the WEDC keep a Chief Financial Officer?

This just cracks me up…

This week the state’s flagship jobs agency brought on its third chief financial officer in two years – only to see him resign within 24 hours to take a promotion at his former company.

The news comes as the still relatively new Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is seeking to shift the public focus from its own internal difficulties to what it can do to help meet the state’s much larger economic challenges.

Scott Bowers, a former chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Marling Lumber Co. in Janesville, joined WEDC on Monday as its chief financial officer. But on Tuesday – just 24 hours later – he told WEDC officials that he was resigning to take a job as Marling Lumber’s new chief executive officer.


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3 thoughts on “Why can’t the WEDC keep a Chief Financial Officer?

    1. Maybe far less than the 2nd-best Gareth. After all, this is a “jobs agency” that has as its Number 2 guy a GOP hack with no real-world job experience, and no college degree.

      If you were remotely qualified, would you want to clean up that mess at WEDC when you can make a whole lot more at a business that’s a lot more stable and legitimate? So guess who’s left? Hacks and crooks.

      Such is “public service” in the age of Fitzwalkerstan

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