Rick Gudex: bought and paid for by American Federation for Children

I wish I could say I was surprised…

Rarely has the political payoff for a special interest group been as quick or blatant.

The American Federation for Children, one of the leading advocates for school choice in the country, brags in a recent brochure that it spent more than $325,000 – far more than the group has previously made public – to help elect state Sen. Rick Gudex in a closely contested Wisconsin race last fall.

Gudex won his seat by less than 600 votes.

Then, last week, the freshman lawmaker joined two other Senate Republicans in saying they were drawing a line in the sand by vowing to oppose a state budget bill if it doesn’t include an expansion of the state’s school voucher program.

Responding to criticisms of the hefty campaign contributions to Gudex’s campaign and his subsequent support for expanding the school voucher program, Gudex said, “They didn’t buy me, they didn’t persuade me.”

That guy has some nerve.


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