Rowan Viva: not quite ready for prime time

Here’s Rowan Viva, one of the challengers to incumbent Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate singing her own praises on Facebook on May 2 (emphasis added):

Maybe we should all rally around the leading challenger, you know . . . the hyper-intelligent and politically savvy capitol occupier with the killer turnaround plan who’s currently running a beast statewide campaign with exactly ZERO resources!

Shortly thereafter, Viva showed just how politically savvy she is with this Facebook update:

Here I’ve been running this great positive campaign when I get a mailer from the state party explaining that convention will be held in Waukesha County this year because THAT represents the direction the party is going in.

Someone should explain to Rowan Viva that if the Democratic Party of Wisconsin wants to be able to win statewide elections, it’s going to have to find votes wherever it can, as opposed to simply relying on turnout in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. Any remotely politically savvy Democrat should understand that the goal should be to grow the electoral map for Democrats, not shrink it, but that point seems to be lost on Rowan “politically savvy” Viva.

Here are some screencaps of Viva’s Facebook status updates:

Rowan Viva Facebook screencap 1

Rowan Viva Facebook screencap 2


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8 thoughts on “Rowan Viva: not quite ready for prime time

  1. Well can’t blame the ambitious girl. Conventional Wisdom these days says voters prefer women candidates. Look who Wisconsin finally got elected to the Senate. And frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with Mike Tate myself. How have the Wisconsin Democrats done under his management?

    1. 2010 was a bloodbath, but that wasn’t something exclusive to Wisconsin.

      However, 2012 was certainly a much better year for Democrats in Wisconsin, and ultimately how much of the blame for failed campaigns falls on Tate as opposed to falling on the campaigns themselves?

  2. While there are things to criticize Tate for, having convention in Waukesha Co. is NOT one of them.

    Viva’s “campaign” has been such an amateur hour it is laughable.

    1. And that’s solely Mike Tate’s fault?

      I’m inclined to point to Republican gerrymandering as the cause, but hey, feel free to blame Mike Tate.

  3. I didn’t say that. There is plenty of blame to go around. I am just saying I would NOT consider 2012 better than 2010. I would consider it much worse!

  4. Excuse me, but if you want to expand the reach of the Democratic Party Waukesha County is the next logical frontier. Milwaukee and Dane will max out at some point and WC will continue to grow more liberal as demographics shift (and people from Milwaukee move west). If Rowan’s idea is to just keep preaching to the choir I am not impressed. There is a reason OFA put huge resources into Waukesha – after Milwaukee and Dane that’s where the VOTES ARE, not to mention a huge contingent of activists and volunteers. And let’s remember what happened just last month – Dane and Milwaukee did NOT come out for Ed Fallone. They had the same dismal turnout rate that the rest of the state did. We cannot rely on them alone.

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