Verify the Recall – case study

Yesterday, we discussed the story local reporters are turning on their own to show themselves as hero's. The various papers editors, many of whom proudly endorsed scott walker, are now “disciplining” data entry persons who signed the recall petition.

I have said since the beginning, that “Verify the Recall” was never ever meant to “make sure the process was fair”. VTR was officially started to have a searchable database of people who signed the petition to allow them to be bullied, harassed and intimidated. The idea is to make sure no one ever wants to sign a recall petition again. Last night I had a discussion on Facebook with Ken Brown of the Racine "tea party". Here Mr. Brown lays out exactly how they plan to use VTR.

Ken Brown I am thrilled Jeff that every one of those petition signers name will be on the list. so in a year or 2 or 10 they decide to run for School Board, judge or whatever and try to PRETEND to be a “Conservative” we’ll be able to look up their names and call BullS**t on them. 6 of our 9 school Board members signed the recall 5 of our 15 Alderman signed it too! that Woman in the Hamilton district who signed her name falsely and then denied it afterward to a constituent.

Jeff Simpson Ken I have searched VTR and I can not find the names Paul Ryan or Tommy Thompson on the list and both of them claim to be conservative….how should we handle that?

Ken Brown No but you did find 29 judges….a few dozen newspaper folks who work for Gannett; a guy in Racine and Kenosha who single-handedly is accused of 60 or more fraudulent petition signatures, including minors, and deceased individuals. Also a School board member from Hamilton ashamed to print her own name correctly, and then deny her own fraud to a citizen she represents. But i expect as time goes on the next tough on crime” judge in Milwaukee or Waukesha, Racine or Kenosha will tremble a bit that someone will look up their name in the database. I have made a bookmark and I’ll be looking for every trustee, School Board, Alderman, Mayoral candidate etc.

Ken Brown LOL Jeff, As for the Mrs.” Kristense or rather “Kristensen”’s one thing to leave off a letter…but when challenged by the constituent in her district and then deny having signed…only to call back the next day and confess..tells me she was being fraudulent and deceptive. The DA can decide if it’s worth exploring further and whether to charge her. As for a School board supporting Walker Many of them do.. (In fact Mrs K. told the constituent that she DID support Walkers Act 10…before she confessed the next day to trying to recall him) . But those are my thoughts; Ke Brow :).

Jeff Simpson ken did you run to the DA when you saw her name misspelled according to you?

Ken Brown I did not..Belling did though…I heard him discuss the issue on the radio yesterday. in fact one person called in during th eshow..and I suspect it was in fact Mrs. “Kristense”. but the caller didn’t use that name in the call..I also believe Mark Belling suspected it was her as well..since he spent an inordinate amount of time with her on the line. He seldom does that unless he’s got a “Fish on”…like yesterday. I’m not sure if the podcast is still available but it was the 2nd hour I believe on Mondays show.

Ken Brown I did though report the fraud I found to the proper DA’s in Racine and Kenosha. If I find more I’ll report on it and if needed I’ll have it investigated by authorities. The GAB encouraged us to contact authorities in the counties where the fraud was suspected to have occurred.

The “tea party” now has plans to run to the VTR everytime anyone speaks up in public. Thus proving that Scott Walker did not only divide the state last year, he has divided our state for many years to come. Unfortunately, the newspapers in our state have played right into VTR’s plan.

The one flaw that the newspapers and “teahadists” have overlooked is, that everyone who signed the recall petitions are not far left liberals. There are many people who do not like the way that Scott Walker has divided our state by being so dishonest, there are others who think his demonizing of public workers was inexcusable, while there are others who know he is John Doe and do not want to people who would break the law like that to be our Governor.

Finally since I like to compare/contrast here we go.

While the “tea party” and their partners the editors of our papers in Wisconsin attack, “out” and “discipline” people who signed the recall petition, Here is someone we know for sure did NOT sign the recall petitions. Which according to Richard Roesgen, Scott Milfred, Kevin Corrado, John Smalley, Genia Lovett and Mark Treinen makes Dennis Petrie supremely qualified to be an objective reporter:

“When they opened the pick up truck they found a loaded .357 in the driver’s area of the truck, a rifle and ultimately an AR-15 assault rifle under a tree in the yard,” said Capt. Adams. (Sorry the news report has disappeared this morning but there were also two “stand with scott walker signs in Mr. Petrie’s yard along with a NO TRESPASSING sign).

O yea, this guy also did NOT sign a recall petition. I guess because his day job of being a consultant to BP oil kept him too busy. Those oil spills that devastate communities need lots of consulting work. If he ever gives up that gig, he can join any paper in the state and be an objective reporter.


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8 thoughts on “Verify the Recall – case study

  1. The fact is signatures on the Recall petitions are a badge of honor for years to come…”John Hancocks”, if you will, for democracy.

  2. What’s next? Are they going to demand that election ballots be made public? It’s none of anybody’s damn business who signed the petition and who didn’t. It is a (Wisconsin) Constitutional right and part of our democracy (while we still have one here). The petitions are supposed to be checked for accuracy, not to “out” people. It’s disgusting.

    1. The question is then, Kristin, where does one take the rage against these people who want to “brand,” others as NOT being impartial or worthy of participation in our democratic republic. I have been doing recall data base work to help identify people who need to get registered to vote. I carry a sign, am proud of my recall bumper stickers, I wear my recall button, I answer people who flip me off when they see these without picking a fight with them. I will be helping to get people out to vote.

      With the castle doctrine in effect, I would not encourage anyone to go door to door campaigning, but would encourage you to speak up amongst friends or associates in safe settings at every opportunity. Put your name to a letter to the editor. Keep educating yourself on the issues, woman’s rights, voters rights, living wage, universal health care, strengthening public schools, breaking up the TBTF banks. There are a dozen key issues to get to everyone, right down to your local dog catcher, by electing those who agree with your point of view, into office. Publicly tie your republican legislator to being a Walker enabler and get him/her tossed out in Nov. Let’s flip the state Assembly.

      Keep your focus, this much online discussion has these so-called patriots winning, in as much they are controlling already, the discussion we are having and losing some focus on them. Yes, we need awareness of this issue, too, but not at the expense of forgetting all else needed to be juggled here. It is not an easy task.

      I hope they have a special category for my signature which must be on at least 30 petitions that I certified.

  3. I hope that criminal charges will be brought against our Governor and that all who signed the recall will look wise in retrospect.

  4. I can also imagine that someone might sign a recall petition figuring that a new election would be healthy for Wisconsin politics, or advantageous to their side, even if they planned to vote for Walker. I wonder how many Walker supporters did that?

  5. Totally agree that the major purpose of Verify the Recall is to continue Wisconsin’s Civil War far beyond the recall election of Scott Walker. I proudly signed the recall petition and have no regrets in doing so.

    On Tuesday’s show, while ranting against a school board member who signed the recall petition in a suburban community, AM radio host Mark Belling said that there would be retaliation against those that have caused this recall election, continuing well after the election.

    This state is literally a boiling cauldron of hate; between Scott Walker’s take no prisoners management style to 12 hours per day of AM talk radio hosts fanning the flames of hate towards the “enemies” of Scott Walker, it is truly a miracle that someone hasn’t been killed because they oppose Governor Walker.

    Because I have committed the crime of free speech by having a Recall Walker bumper sticker on my car, in the last week alone, I have had two pro-Walker nuts initiate road rage attacks in the Milwaukee area. From flashing brights while tailgating to screaming, “You miserable piece of s***, you deserve to die, etc….” while stopped at a stoplight.

    A friend who is a teacher was verbally berated by a total stranger wearing a Scott Walker T-shirt outside a Pick and Save for having a Penzey’s “Teachers Care” bumper sticker on her car.

    Scott Walker has made Wisconsin a very ugly place to live in right now. With right wing groups like Verify the Recall, the boiling cauldron of hate that Wisconsin has become will continue for many years.

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