The Next Time You’re Shopping at Wal-Mart…

or any other big-box retailer who manages their margins by importing ever-cheaper goods from China, remember this image:

Jampa Yeshi, 26, at a rally on Monday in New Delhi against the impending visit to India by China’s president. He later died of his injuries. NYTimes Photo.

The memory of this young man burning to death to protest China’s illegal occupation of Tibet should remain with you while you stroll the well-stocked aisles of happy consumer goods.

This is what we, as a nation, are supporting.


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2 thoughts on “The Next Time You’re Shopping at Wal-Mart…

  1. No one to blame for his death but himself. WHy do you thihk laying a guilt trip out on people is the answer. I feel sorry that he was so mentally ill that he woiuld hurt himself like that but that is not my fault or problem

  2. Wal-Mart is responsible for this guy burning himself? Really? Call Eric Holder, I’m sure he’d have no problem drawing up an indictment against Sam Walton. If that fails, just get Keith Olbermann to proclaim Wal-Mart’s founder as the Worst Criminal Mastermind in the World…oh…nevermind…

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