Walker vs. Falk, by the numbers

From Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse comes this absolute gem:

So if Kathy Falk is the Dem nominee, the GOP will try to use the same old tired “tax-and-spend” BS that they tend to do, and will try to tell one-sided stats to prove their point. Now you know that Scott Walker actually increased spending more than Kathy Falk did in the same time period, and got much less bang for the buck in the process, because Dane County boomed while Milwaukee County stagnated. Much like a lot of other things that we find when we compare Walker World with the actual one, it’s usually better off to live somewhere where people kick in a few dollars to maintain and grow their services, than saving a handful of bucks and ending up a whole lot worse off.

The rest of Jake’s entry is definitely work taking some time to read, because it completely debunks the conservative meme about Kathleen Falk’s record on taxes as Dane County Executive.


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