I Heart Utah

Utah, One of the absolute "reddest states" in our nation:

Utahns are not people of moderation. Instead of having two kids, we have five or six. Instead of having two or three drinks a week, we prefer a lifetime of abstinence. Instead of buying a flashlight, we prefer to store a month’s worth of food in case of emergency.

Our politics run a similar course—we are an immoderately red state. Republicans have won every Senate election since 1970. More than 77 percent of us voted for Republican Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. in 2008. We have voted for the Republican candidate in the last 10 presidential elections, and we hold the dubious honor of being the only state to give more votes to Ross Perot than to Bill Clinton in the 1992 election.

Utah a very “conservative” and deeply religious state also has a nice distinction: They like to shoot people by firing squad.

Utah prosecutors have reluctantly allowed a condemned killer to seek execution by firing squad rather than by lethal injection, saying they want to avoid further delays in putting him to death.

The request by Michael Archuleta, 49, convicted of the 1988 slaying of a college student, follows recent talks among state lawmakers and criminal justice officials about possibly returning to firing squads as an execution option in light of the current shortage of lethal-injection drugs.

If Archuleta gets his way, he would ultimately become only the fourth to be executed by shooting in the United States — all of them in Utah — since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976. The last was in June 2010.

Ready…..Aim………Fire…….God Bless You


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