Chairman Johnson: Ron Johnson thinks communist China’s got the right ideas on business

Chairman Johnson
It seems like every time he opens his mouth, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson says something really really stupid. In an interview with the Wisconsin Radio Network on August 30, Johnson made it abundantly clear he believes communist China is a great place to do business, saying, “I’d encourage people to go onto Youtube and type in Steve Wynn. He does about a five-minute piece where he’s talking about- he’s the fellow who does Wynn resorts in Las Vegas. He’s also creating resorts in Macau in China, communist China. And his point is, the level of uncertainty, the climate for business investment is far more certain in communist China then it is in the U.S. here.”

In response to Johnson’s statement, the host of the interview noted, “Ron…but Macau is in China. China is a socialist-planned economy,” he said. “The level of uncertainty…isn’t the level of uncertainty part of a side-effect, if you will, of our, of our democracy?” So here’s what I’m having a hard time reconciling: on the one hand, Ron Johnson is staunchly opposed to government handouts to business – except when those handouts benefit the company he owns, yet he thinks communist China, where the government exerts near-absolute control over the Chinese economy and corruption is rampant, has the right ideas when it comes to business. I’m having a hard time figuring out how Ron Johnson reconciles his opposition to government intervention in the business world here in America with his admiration for how communist China exerts near-total control over the Chinese economy and Chinese businesses.

Ron Johnson has said some really stupid things throughout the course of his U.S. Senate campaign, but Johnson’s comments about the Chinese government’s near-total control over Chinese businesses and the Chinese economy as being a good thing has to be the stupidest thing Johnson has said to date.

As grumps over at The Happy Circumstance is asking, why is Ron Johnson still considered a serious contender against Sen. Russ Feingold – or Dave Westlake for that matter?

Sly in the Morning, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and the illusory tenant all have their own takes on this.


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3 thoughts on “Chairman Johnson: Ron Johnson thinks communist China’s got the right ideas on business

  1. So to say China’s economy is doing better than ours right now is the equivalent of denouncing democracy? I didn’t think saying our business climate is suffering was a matter of opinion.

    1. I really have to agree and the image is really over the top.

      Fidel Castro for example has said some very wise things now and then, and I honestly believe the man has tried to do right for his country despite his government’s oppression of his people. That doesn’t mean I support what he’s done overall, nor does Ron Johnson’s comment mean he supports everything China does.

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