Republican Rep. Steve Nass to vote against Republican biennial budget

Yesterday Republican State Rep. Steve Nass issued a press release announcing Nass would be voting against the 2013-2015 biennial budget approved by the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee. Rep. Nass cited the $500 million dollar structural deficit the budget would create, a large school voucher expansion, and the provision allowing bounty hunters to roam the streets of Wisconsin as reasons he is opposed to the budget.

Obviously Republicans in the State Assembly have more than enough votes to weather the defection of Steve Nass, but it certainly can’t sit well with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to have one of his Republican colleagues break ranks when it comes to the biennial budget.


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1 thought on “Republican Rep. Steve Nass to vote against Republican biennial budget

  1. he didnt cite the large voucher school program as a problem. His problem with the voucher school program is its too small and doesnt have an unlimited number of people who can get them

    He has always been one of the biggest opponents of public education there is.

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