Concealed carry permit holder shoots cousin in botched “quick draw”

Remember, concealed carry in Wisconsin was supposed to make us all so much safer…

A Milwaukee man who apparently forgot that guns are not toys has been charged with shooting his cousin in the back after a “quick draw” meant as part of a joke went bad.

Brandon Kronquist, 26, faces one count of injury by negligent handling of a firearm, punishable by up to 18 months in prison and two years of extended supervision.

According to a criminal complaint released Monday:

Cudahy police and fire units responded Wednesday to a report of someone shot in the head at a mobile home in the 5900 block of S. Packard Ave. They found the victim lying in the hallway bleeding from his back. There were several other people, including several children, inside the mobile home.

As the victim was being treated, police asked if there was a gun nearby. That’s when Kronquist said it was on the kitchen counter, where police found it with the magazine removed and the slide locked open. He then showed a police sergeant his concealed carry license and said, “It was an accident.”

According to the Journal Sentinel report, Kronquist admitted to police he was “jokingly” telling his cousin not to walk away from dinner and tried a “quick draw” of his gun but it caught on his shirt and went off.

Yep, I feel so much safer thanks to concealed carry!


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14 thoughts on “Concealed carry permit holder shoots cousin in botched “quick draw”

  1. Zach, thanks.

    Will be interesting to see if anyone tries to sue the State of Wisconsin for issuing him a C&C permit.

  2. The headline should read “Idiot shoots cousin,..” Further, he should recieve the maximum sentence. Let’s see what he really gets.
    The fact that this idiot possesses a CC permit is irrelevant and the attempt to connect the dots,.. Conceal & Carry to pulic saftey in this story is not valid.

    1. Independent Guy,

      Your comment is what’s irrelevant. I don’t think Brandon Kronquist should be carrying a concealed weapon in public. I don’t think George Zimmerman should ever have been allowed to do so either. These stories reveal the rightie myth of the ” responsible gun owner. ” How many more guys like this are out there? Neighborhood Watch vigilantes with a racial axe to grind and ” quick draw ” jokesters?

      1. SC,
        Nope, the comment is completely relevant.
        The author retells a story of a man who nearly kills someone through pure carelessness and stupidity and morphs into a rant about Republicans and CC permit holders as if they are responsible. Not true. Author gets a pinocchio.

        Moving off story, and on topic;
        I suspect your issue (we have a little history) is about firearms in general, you don’t care for them and don’t think they should be in public to paraphrase. And so we debate (fight).

        I would remind you that after the Sandy Hook tragedy I was a “gunner” who said I would agree to expanded back ground checks such as gun shows as part of a multi-faceted approach to potentially curbing violence in the U.S.
        As the months ticked by it became increasingly clear that the “gun grabber” agenda was all that was being pursued rather than adding people with mental issues to the FBI back ground list due to medical confidentiality reasons as an example.
        I paid attention. Once I had concluded that Biden, Shumer, Feinstein, Carlson, Bloomberg and others were up to the same old ploys I contacted all of my representatives with my instructions (no expanded back ground checks) and have since shuffled off extra monthly donations to the NRA.

        Once again, “the debate” turned into anti-gunners going after gunners while crime, criminals and the mentally deranged go unchecked. I find this unacceptable.
        I much would rather work with you to address “the problem” than defend myself against you.

        1. If you cared about the Second Amendment, the last place you would be sending money would be the Obama-loving NRA.

          “…It can be used to collect information on credit card purchases, pharmacy records, library records, firearm sales records, financial information, and a range of other sensitive subjects. And the bulk collection authority could potentially be used to supersede bans on maintaining gun owner databases, or laws protecting the privacy of medical records, financial records, and records of book and movie purchases….”

          Why isn’t the NRA screaming about this?

          Why isn’t Charlie Sykes and the rest of wingnut radio screaming?

    2. You say the fact that he held a CC permit is irrelevant, I say it shows that concealed carry enables even more morons to carry guns in circumstances they otherwise wouldn’t.

      1. I understand your argument, and there may be some truth in it. Even in the case of Kronquist. However, guys like Kronquist exercise very poor judgement like this with or without a cc permit.

  3. SC,
    I agree with you, I don’t want a careless person with a gun or an over zealous neighborhood watch person within a block of me. And yes, there are no doubt more of them roving around somewhere.

  4. Independent Guy,

    Glad to see that you are prepared for reasoned debate rather than being intimidated by your opponent revealing an alternative agenda as you had indicated in previous gun control posts.

    Two queries:

    First, would you please elucidate your position on “gun grabbing?” I know of no legislative proposals following Sandy Hook that match that description. NRA and their puppets in Congress tainted, undermined, and ultimately derailed all efforts to enact background checks legislation. Paltry efforts, by the way, that hadn’t even approached the level needed to ensure public safety given the objective realities of life in 21st Century America. Approaches that didn’t even broach the subversive discourse now tainting the Second Amendment.

    Second query: If you’d be so kind as to outline the purpose of concealing and carrying a firearm? Preferably without falling back on the “self-defense” canard. But if you are able to articulate no other object for concealed carry than “self-defense,” please articulate precisely how concealed carry facilitates “self-defense.”

    P.S. My intent isn’t even to challenge your replies, merely to understand your perspective, because as stated, your perspective does’t accord with the legislative process following the Sandy Hook massacre. There were no anti-gunners going after gunners during that process. There was no discussion of repealing the Second Amendment or challenging its basis – both of which would have been the more appropriate approach, nor were there any meaningful proposals or discussions to confiscate guns – also germane to the broad issues/circumstances involved in gun deaths due to accident or malice. Nor was a national gun registry ever debated – another responsible maneuver that didn’t happen.

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