Sen. Fitzgerald lets the truth be known about Capitol Police arrests of citizens singing at State Capitol

Via Democurmudgeon:

WSJ: Fitzgerald warns politicians to not get near protesters … Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s office sent a note to legislative offices warning staff not to congregate along the balcony during the protests. “If you are in the vicinity of the illegal demonstrations that have been taking place over the noon hour in the rotunda, you will be considered part of the protests and are subject to being ticketed,” the message said.

And this sums up the idiocy of the assertion by Capitol Police officers that anyone in the Capitol who happens to be there simply observe citizens singing is a “participant” along with the singers:

Joe Meiller, a Madison Metro bus driver who brought his two sons to watch the singalong Friday from the balcony, was upset that he was asked to leave by Capitol police.

“We didn’t sing or clap once,” Meiller said. “If I observe a bank robbery nearby, am I a participant because I was nearby?”

There’s a reason the Capitol Police are little more than glorified security guards, and their assertion that anyone caught watching citizens sing in the Capitol is guilty of being a “participant” in said singing is absolutely idiotic.


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8 thoughts on “Sen. Fitzgerald lets the truth be known about Capitol Police arrests of citizens singing at State Capitol

  1. Zach, since I don’t think Fitz deserves the “Senator” title, I really like your “Se.” abbreviation.

  2. I have no legal education, but it seems there are grounds for a lawsuit under both state and federal law if a non-singing bystander or onlooker is denied, searched, restrained, removed, detained, ticketed, or arrested.

    And isn’t Fitzgerald’s “warning” evidence of a conspiracy of elected officials to violate a lawful right to assemble, speak(sing),or petition?

  3. Duane, ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’. It’s the utmost terrorism to deny anyone to look at others, whoever denies you that right is part of a way bigger conspiracy. Look up ‘New World Order’. Make sure you’re sitting down…

    1. By that logic if I witnessed a bank robbery, I’d also be complicit in the crime.

      That’s why I’m so peeved by this – because it makes no sense from a legal standpoint.

  4. I agree with Duane. I’d like to see lawsuits over this. The taxpayer needs to hurt for electing neo-fascists.

  5. Next they’re gonna go after anyone who watches the Youtubes of the arrests. And Democrats for being dangerous individuals. And definitely bloggers.

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