Thursday Music: Ruth Etting: Shine On Harvest Moon! (and some extras…)

In honor of today’s harvest moon:

This is a find that I wasn’t familiar with but it’s way cool!

This seems to be the version I remember hearing on the radio and juke boxes when I was a kid:

And this would have been my mother’s preferred version…just cause Nat was the best:


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Music: Ruth Etting: Shine On Harvest Moon! (and some extras…)

  1. While I like this blog a lot, I’ve noticed that it seems not to recognize that lots of great music has been recorded since 1970, in fact folks are still recording great music. In keeping with your Harvest Moon theme, here is something a little more recent. Enjoy.

    1. Allen…thanks for your contribution…I had skipped Neil’s tune because although it is the same title it isn’t the same song…and I am glad that you enjoy Blogging Blue!

      BUT I will take exception to the comment about ignoring music newer than 1970…in the past several months I have personally posted post-1970 music by Elvis Costello, Rage Against the Machine, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death, Don Williams and Emmy Lou Harris, Marianne Faithful, Semi-Twang, Dave Grohl, Black Angels, Dire Straits, and Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.

  2. Must say it pains me to hear Nat Cole sing such a corney old barbar shop quartet standard in the corney old way. I can just hear him at the piano with his trio giving us a really slick up-tempo version. Poor old Louis Armstrong had to go through this same routine for the staid music industry of the time.

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