Asbestos fibers found in rock of proposed northwoods iron mine

No doubt the folks from Gogebic Taconite will find a way to justify their iron mine regardless…

Asbestos mineral fibers have been found in a rock sample at the site of a proposed iron ore mine by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The agency said Monday that asbestos was confirmed by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey recently after a DNR geologist visiting the site last spring suspected the rock contained telltale fibers of the known carcinogen.

So in addition to the potential presence of sulfide rock that could cause an acidic condition that could harm streams and habitat downstream, we now have the presence of asbestos fibers, a known carcinogen.

But remember, according to Republicans the proposed iron mine will be GREAT for northern Wisconsin.


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  1. Gov’t is shut down over currency which has zero intrinsic value.

    Meanwhile, potable water, for which there is NO SUBSTITUTE is under attack and no one mentions it. Appreciate you staying on this.

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