Gwen Moore to accept her pay during federal govt. shutdown

It’s been reported that while approximately 800,000 federal employees are furloughed thanks to the Republican-led shutdown of the federal government, Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore has decided she will continue to draw her paycheck.

Here’s a statement attributed to Rep. Moore explaining her decision to continue to accept her paycheck while federal employees are furloughed.

“Approximately 800,000 federal government employees have either been forced into furlough leave or are working without pay. Federal government employees who rely on their paychecks to feed their families deserve a salary. That’s why I am coming to work every day and keeping both my district office in Milwaukee and my Washington, DC offices open and fully operational. I am speaking, voting, and working diligently to help my constituents through the shutdown and speak on their behalf in Washington to reopen the government. I will not be donating or forgoing my salary.”

It’s worth noting that the median income in Rep. Moore’s district is $33,121, while her salary is just a little higher at $174,000.


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  1. It’s also worth mentioning that she just voted against funding for WIC. How much more of this buffoon can this district take?

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