Cue a David Clarke crack about penis envy in 3….2…1….

As noted by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who’s fond of hurling juvenile insults in order to get some cheap publicity, recently wrote a piece for the Wisconsin State Journal blasting plans in Dane County to create a system of community courts. The idea behind the planned community court system is that young offenders from heavily black or Hispanic neighborhoods would enter community-based programs to make amends for minor offenses.

In response to Clarke’s attacks on the program, Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney had a few choice words for Clarke during an appearance on John “Sly” Sylvester’s radio show late last week.

“This article that comes forth from Milwaukee County’s sheriff is just unimaginable coming from a law enforcement officer,” Mahoney said. “But this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen irresponsible statements coming from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.”


“This is a law enforcement official who now is saying that he’s setting aside his sworn duty and saying that criminals should enter into the community and victimize individuals in the community,” Mahoney said. “This is why, this is exactly why, he can’t provide public safety in Milwaukee County.”

No doubt we can expect Sheriff Clarke to accuse Sheriff Mahoney of penis envy, or perhaps he’ll come up with a new (but equally as juvenile) “insult” to hurl.


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