3 thoughts on “Bill Moyers: The Surrender of America’s Liberals

  1. Did everyone notice NonQuixote on the cover of Harpers’? Yes, the left is essentially dead because the Supreme Court gave the rich of the world and their corporations inalienable rights.

    However, reducing liberty and opportunity by eliminating businesses like private investment banks, medical centers and insurance companies while “redistributing wealth” is not going to fly in this country; that battle was lost in the Hamilton vs. Burr duel a long time ago.

    IMNSHO, as well as that of many political and legal thinkers, we need to eliminate the fear of “Redistribution” by government mandate in order to: 1)elect Democrats locally and 2) re-establish the public’s control over the corporation!

    My horse may be exhausted, Martha, but I refuse to admit defeat! #MoveToAmend.org

  2. I remember back in 2012 CK complaining about my explaining about the true progressive idea within the Democratic Party.
    What I said then is just as true today.
    The Citizens United decision has definitely made things worse for democracy, but this is no time to give up and say things are dead. They are not. As long as there is an honest vote, the rich minority cannot dominate the majority of Americans who are much less well-off. It will require having an informed electorate, though.
    We will always have things like private investment banks, medical centers and insurance companies; those things do need to be brought back under control once again through regulation. Going back toward a progressive form of government and taxation would do much to cure this country’s current problems, including our stagnating economy.

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