Let My Disabled People Go To Southridge Mall!

Recently mall owners/operators Simon Properties made the decision to move the bus stop that serves Southridge mall. They moved it from the entrance to the Sears store to the periphery of the mall parking lot…essentially 1,000 feet across the parking lot from the mall. The reason was they were concerned about everyone’s safety…but after viewing this video you have to wonder what the real reasons are. There isn’t much safety involved for the people who have to go from the bus stop to the mall and then back again.

The move has attracted a myriad of political and legal attention. County Supervisor Pat Jursik has been leading the effort to reverse this decision from the county side, Greendale President John Hermes said he was negotiating Simon Properties and the US Attorney Office is investigating possible violations of federal law. But I haven’t heard peep one since this article was published over a month ago by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The mall owners didn’t even go through the artifice of providing real sidewalks…simply relying on providing ‘striped well plowed right of ways’ right in the driveway up to the mall.

There is a movement to boycott Southridge…but Simon Properties isn’t going to notice…if you want to boycott the mall or voice your opinion about the needless and dangerous change to public bus access to the mall…contact the public relations departments of the major stores in the mall: Macy’s, Sears, Boston Store, JC Penney’s, Aeropostale, Victoria’s Secret, Champs Sports, The Disney Store, Finish Line, Footlocker, GNC and others. They are the ones most concerned about where you spend your dollar and their public image. Here’s the mall list if you need it! Don’t waste your time contacting Simon Properties until you’ve contacted the others…then let Simon know that you’ve done so!

This is simply absurd…it’s bad business…it’s unethical…and it’s bad community. WTF?


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