Tens of thousands attend ” Moral March on Raleigh “

According to the North Carolina NAACP’s estimates, somewhere between 80,000 to 100,000 people marched in Raleigh on Saturday in protest of policies passed last year by a GOP controlled legislature and Republican Governor Pat McCrory. From the Al Jazeera America report:

”  Thousands of people opposing Republican policies in North Carolina marched in Raleigh on Saturday, saying they won’t be silenced in 2014 and vowing to challenge what they call an extreme agenda within the legislature, in the court and at the ballot box.

It will be interesting to see what kind of success the HKonJ coalition will have at the ballot box in November. Too bad there’s nothing like it going on in Wisconsin.




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9 thoughts on “Tens of thousands attend ” Moral March on Raleigh “

  1. Al Jazeera? At least Occupy Walls Street and even the Walker Recall got some American Press. #MoveToAmend

      1. Civitas is the largest U.S. consumer demographic database in existence. It is a product of consistent government data gathering from many sources including the 10 year census and updates. That Art Pope uses the name in his organization indicates the depth of Republican consumer information and catgering to corporate entities that depend on Civitas for marketing. NC, as in the Civil War, is on the frontlines of the blue and red state civil war for the legislative control of this country. Being an Atlantic state NC also invites foreign participation in the global fight against democracy.

        1. Thanks for that bit of information, I’m not sure though, about how your conclusions, simply concerning the use of the name necessarily follow. Link please. Civitas, a body of citizens who constitute a state, certainly does not describe the body of special monied interests represented by Pope’s group.

          The point of the link I shared is simply that Pope is filthy rich, an authoritarian, and has bought his way into controlling NC politics, at just about every level one can imagine. I haven’t read all the topics at the link, but Pope stores are being boycotted among other increasingly vocal forms of push back against him. Many parallels to WI.

          1. Use of the name Civitas is in reference to the Big Data company Claritas…
            …to lend credence to Pope’s ability to deliver on buying influence. This
            is a ploy many businesses use to gain market share. In Pope’s case
            he is “going for the gold,” I haven’t had occasion to look into
            Claritas for a decade now, as I no longer sell marketing lists.
            but the name Civitas immediately brought Claritas to mind…as it would for
            anyone seriously marketing in the USA.

  2. It’s Al Jazeera America, Cat. They do some of the best reporting in America. Longer, in depth pieces on topics nobody else in America reports on, like 80,000 people marching in Raleigh against conservative extremism.

  3. Thanks for the Info, Steve. But if I don’t know about it neither does America. And that’s been our problem all along in this fight. Bantering about in our numerous little cliques we think we are accomplishing something, when in matter of fact, nothing is being nor will be done. Amateur hour doesn’t even work on TV anymore. #MoveToAmend

  4. Cat,

    They just got started in the last year. They bought Al Gore’s ” Current ” network. Give them some time. A lot of people know about them and they’ve hired people familiar to American news audiences from CNN and elsewhere. BTW, it is just a tad bit arrogant to assume that if you don’t know about them neither does America. 🙂

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