Michael Eisenga made contributions pro-Walker electioneering group

This is not at all surprising…

A wealthy Wisconsin donor contributed $6,250 to an outside electioneering group that supports Republican Governor Scott Walker around the time the contributor contacted the governor and sought to change the state’s child support laws in his favor.

The contributor, Michael Eisenga who is president of American Lending Solutions in Columbus, was among 19 donors who contributed a total of $1 million in 2013 to the Republican Governors Association’s 527 group.  The RGA’s state political action committee recently sponsored its third television ad slamming Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke in her bid to defeat Walker in the 2014 fall elections.

Eisenga’s first-ever contribution to the group September 10 came in between two direct contributions totaling $9,500 to Walker last March and December.  In addition to the direct contributions to Walker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice recently reported Eisenga contacted the governor last fall about changing the law and sent Walker an article about an appeals court ruling on Eisenga’s divorce and child support payments.


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1 thought on “Michael Eisenga made contributions pro-Walker electioneering group

  1. Eisenga also employed Kelly Rindfleisch at American Lending Solutions between Dec. 2011 and March 2012.
    Eisenga is a big source of money for Scott Walker, as well as the Kleefisch’s.

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