Wisconsin’s biggest “welfare queens”

Conservatives just love to throw out the phrase “welfare queens” as an attempt to stereotype recipients of public benefits, but here’s an interesting fact:

Wisconsin’s biggest “welfare queens” are actually some of Wisconsin’s biggest businesses, as noted by the state’s own BadgerCare enrollment data. Here’s a list of the top 5 employers with the most employees/dependents receiving BadgerCare benefits.

  1. Walmart
  2. McDonalds
  3. Aurora
  4. Menards
  5. QPS Staffing

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12 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s biggest “welfare queens”

    1. You are telling us that we taxpayers, having to support with food stamps and Badgercare (or the latest version of public healthcare assistance) or emergency room services, the workers that these companies USE to make huge profits is not a government benefit for these companies who pay little to nothing in taxes and then get tax credits. Kindly define your version of government welfare.

      Common core standards obviously should have been in place a long time ago.

      Incidentally, $1.64 converts to 100 Rupees today. What quantity of American made products from INDIA can one purchase at that exchange rate and how much profit can be made selling those products in the US? Inquiring minds want to know.

    2. Denis,

      Health care providers consist of physicians, nurses, hospitals, allied health professionals, Big Pharma, and medical device makers. Which of those is “government?”


    3. Yup, blog story smoke and mirrors.
      First “refine” welfare queen, then identity 5 national companies and try to infer WI has some kind of problem.
      Except for logic and facts this “story” has a lot going for it.

        1. John,
          Wisconsin’s biggest welfare queens? Inaccurate. These are national companies who reside in many states. Yet, they are Wisconsin’s biggest welfare queens. That is assuming we agree on the definition of welfare queen or that there is a such thing. Pretty sure we don’t.

          Badgercare enrollment data? Is this a measuring stick? Or are subsidies a measuring stick? Are we talking about a state issue or a national issue?

          The interest in facts and logic is not sudden.

          For such a short blog it contains 4 or 5 liberal peeves that are unrelated for which no discussion can take place. Rather the pundits can go off on whichever tangent they choose in and endless decent. Not me, but good luck with yours.

          Disclaimer: the above questions are rhetoric questions, need not reply.

          1. ig

            As always, thanks for the comedy gold.

            Aurora’s a “national company?” In what other states are they located?

            Walmart and Mickey Dees aren’t multi-nationals? I had no idea. Do you have a link?

            Why are the taxpayers subsidizing publicly-traded corporations? Isn’t that what shareholders are for?

            Aurora’s registered as a non-profit. It looks to have been pretty profitable for Nestor.

            “Former Aurora executive gets $8.2 million retirement package”

            Nestor’s payout was chump change for Walmart and Mickey Dees’ execs. Please, by all means defend their executive compensation when it screws the shareholders and the taxpayer.

            Since you now agree that “government can pick winners,” why is it that it always picks the 1%. When is gov’t gonna start picking the middle class and those below? We’re in a system where only the very wealthy can even afford to send their kids to the best schools and graduate schools. It doesn’t matter if they’re the “best and the brightest.” What matters is that their “Dad was born before they were.”

            You wrote: “Disclaimer: the above questions are rhetoric questions, need not reply.”

            ^^^ Your best line, by far.

            1. Wile E Casper – super genius,
              You may go off on whatever tangent you choose and if you run out, dream up another. You’re good at it. That is not a complement.
              Casper the unfriendly ghost’s schick is to type, and type, link and type some more. Avoid the topic, avoid the comments. Where are you going with this? Don’t answer, I don’t really want to know. I don’t think you do either. You prove, as does the blogger the extreme hatred you possess for anything or anyone who may not share your view. YOU are what is wrong with America.

  1. You missed the point, Denis. These companies pay so little that many of their employees also need assistance to make it.

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