The New World Horror: The Final Grovel

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Nothing is worse than asking strangers for money.  But when you have a product that you have poured your heart and soul into, when you have a product that you know will be great based on the exceptional talent of the people around you, that too have put their own blood, sweat and tears into it….well, let’s just say it makes it a lot easier. 
With 3 days left and only $875 to reach our goal of $5000.  I’ve been forced into the groveling mode.   
  Fern Make-Up
So bear with me while I explain why you should donate money to The New World Horror.
  • We’re making a black & white horror movie in Wisconsin (Janesville, Milwaukee and Madison)
  • The premise upset some on the right wing (including Charlie Sykes and Vickie Mckenna)
  • We got some great media including (WKOW, OnMilwaukee, The Capitol Times, Shepard Express, Madison Commons, Sly’s Show (Progressive) , Kurt Barron, Right Wisconsin, Godfather Politics (Right), Vickie Mckenna (Right) and we even got on The Daily Kos (Right).   Side Note: I’d like to give a big thanks to Zach who has been our #1 supporter here at Blogging Blue.   Also, to Sly for being the first to give us some exposure.  Rob Thomas for being the first to dig deep and write about us.  Of course, also Collin Roth and John Tyburski.
  • The movie has Tea Party zombies, but it’s not totally a zombie movie.
  • The movie also has blobs, demons and a Kurt Russellish character.
  • Our make-up is SICK! It’s totally, ridiculously awesome…and it will make you puke!
  • We have already spent a lot of our own money to guarantee a cinematic experience, with equipment like a jib crane, a homemade dolly, an actual camera designed for cinema (the Black Magic Camera), top of the notch lighting and sound and various other expensive shit.
  • We have people that actually know how to use them.
  • The cast and crew will need to use a porta potty for most of the shoot.
  • We’ve got strong (very strong) female protagonists and antagonists in the movie.
  • We’ve got a lesbian knife throwing priest in the movie.
  • My dad, a conservative, has agreed to be a Tea Party zombie in the movie (that alone is worth money).
  • For those that steer right, the movie has a super leftist candidate that we have some fun with as well.
  • Let’s just say I received some death threats.
  • There will be nudity (male and female).
  • Did I mention we have a lesbian knife throwing priest?



Groveling time:
So please friends, family, extended family, acquaintances, Blogging Blue readers, that guy I met on the street the other day, the cashier at Taco Bell, that pizza delivery guy I tipped really nicely about 6 months ago, fellow filmmakers, artists, musicians, those who like zombie movies but don’t want to see “just another zombie movie”, those who like black and white movies, those who like just a little political commentary in their film without it being too preach, those who want to see a character based off of Kurt Russell, those who want to see a movie about 8 strangers from all walks of life working together to fight against a demon virus from hell, my fellow American, I’m asking you please, consider donating some of that coin you have to our crazy little film.  Any little bit helps.   
Your name will be on the credits and I promise you…you will not be sorry.

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