Trump Needs To Publically Fire Kellyanne Conway

Regular readers of this blog site know that I have little use for Donald Trump and even less use for Kellyanne Conway. But this has nothing to do with those feelings.

Kellyanne Conway took her concerns about the potential appointment of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State to the airwaves and the media. I understand her viewpoint…I understand her concern.

BUT she is in Mr. Trump’s inner circle and has his ear. She can make her concerns known privately and she says she has done that. But it makes it look like the transition team is totally out of control. And she claims she is doing it for party unity…

This is scary stuff because at some point party unity has to give way to national security. The president’s team can’t be running to the media if or when they disagree with the president. The president’s decision needs to be respected and supported. The world can’t see how the sausage gets made in the West Wing. They need to see a unified front in leadership.

If she pulls something like this after January 20th, she should be tried for treason.

(of course she may be doing this at the behest of Donald Trump…in which case this is even scarier…proving once again he is unqualified to be president)


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3 thoughts on “Trump Needs To Publically Fire Kellyanne Conway

  1. Kellyanne Conway needs to go. Instead of running this cabinet selection like a circus, Tump needs to meet privately with candidates and make formal public announcements once decisions have been made. If Trump wants to be president,he needs to act like one and hire a sophisticated press secretary instead of conducting an ongoing campaign.

  2. Frankly let the transition team run things like a circus. It may even prepare the public for a Trump administration and may actually be better than barring the media from the White House for 4 years.

    Also what is the specific issue with Romney? I preferred Obama to him and still do. If this is because Trump would be putting a Free Trader in as Secretary of State after promising to tear up NAFTA then I can see the hypocrisy.

    But it that it? What are the details?

    Treason? Seems a bit over the top. Why not have a debate in public? 3am tweets and all? (which we are getting anyway)

  3. Are you kidding? I abhor everything Trump and Conway stand for. But we may *really*, REALLY need someone from the inside of that three-ringer to let the media know what’s going on behind the scenes. Dog only knows the media won’t do it.

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