Nancy Pelosi Has Got To Go

I have no axe to grind with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. I respect her accomplishments as a member of the House, as the first woman Speaker of the House, and most recently as minority leader.

But if we haven’t learned from the 2016 presidential election cycle, particularly from the insurgent campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and the eventual win of Donald Trump. that the electorate wants change, what are we doing here?

There is no way we can think about winning 2018 if we roll out the same ole some ole. We need new leadership. We need someone fresh who can take on the GOP majority. We need someone who can inspire the newly franchised, the newly involved. We need someone who will take on Donald Trump.

I don’t have a dog in this fight…other than Nancy Pelosi should not be re-elected to her house minority leadership position.

For another take on her leadership and her apparent plan to consolidate her power: Black Caucus member knocks Pelosi over leadership shakeup.


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6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Has Got To Go

  1. Daniel Bice tweeted that AFSCME’s Jason Sidener’s replacing Kory Kozlowski as DPW’s executive director.

    Since AFSCME supported HRC over Sanders, not sure what this means.

    1. It means more of the same. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the Democratic Party establishment here in Wisconsin, it’s that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      The same core group of people are constantly shuffling in and out of positions within the establishment, and this is yet another example.

      As an interesting sidenote, Jason Sidener is married to Katie Belanger, who assisted Martha Laning in the DPW Chair race, and if I recally correctly, Sidener was rumored to be a contender for DPW Executive Director before Kozlowski was picked.

  2. Not that I don’t like knowing more about the DPW-I do. But What does that have to do with Pelosi?

    As it is I figure Trump had a wave, or rather a reverse wave. He excited some people but, perhaps at least as effectively, discouraged others. That impacted down ballot races as well.

    To criticisms of Pelosi. I see the point about having people be elected-I don’t mind that at all. But other than that I don’t see much in terms of what has she done wrong. The turnout wasn’t there so it was a reverse wave.

    Pelosi has been getting a bit of a free ride since 2010 because after the gerrymanders were in (more than 1 state) so many people understood a fix was in no matter who was in charge.

    But I kind of doubt many voters ran out to vote Trump or didn’t vote at all as a way to stick it to Pelosi.

    The 1 change she was criticized in for in that article was trying to make a post more available for newer Congressional Dems.

    As a side note I thought it was ironic how many on the GOP side making comments below the article were claiming Democrats were keeping black people on the “plantation” (yes they used that word-I guess if your going to bs do it hard) when, for the last couple of decades, it has been the Democrats trying to defend black people’s rights and improve their lives.

    Hell, the plantation states seem to be the most fond of the GOP these days.

  3. At a certain point new leadership in all different levels of the democratic party is important. The being afraid to lose a chief fundraiser approach has not played out that well. New ideas and new energy matter.

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