Cops Can’t Do Their Job Without Chemical Weapons?

In anticipation of a traditional Democratic National Convention…and an expected 50,000 attendees…politicians, delegates, vendors, and media types…the Milwaukee Police Department was going to be relying on reinforcements from other police departments from around the state and neighboring states.

But as the DNC shrank to a virtual telethon instead of a convention…the necessity for those added officers became a moot point.

But between that then and this now, and in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and protests and vandalism, other regional police departments started to renege on their commitment to Milwaukee. Why??

At least 100 law enforcement agencies have withdrawn agreements to send personnel to next month’s Democratic National Convention, some of them citing orders to Milwaukee’s police chief to cease the use of tear gas and pepper spray during demonstrations.

Among the agencies confirmed to have withdrawn are police departments in Fond du Lac, Franklin, Greendale and West Allis.

Asked on Monday if the agreements were collapsing, Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb (who chairs the Wisconsin Police Executive Group) said, “Yes,” adding that he expects other agencies from across the state to withdraw from the program.

The action by Lamb and others comes as Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission issued a directive last week to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales to change department policy to discontinue the use of tear gas and pepper spray.

Morales spoke to several media outlets Tuesday and told at least one that more than 100 law enforcement agencies had backed out of agreements with the city for security at the convention.

emphasis mine

How often does Fond du Lac or Franklin or Greendale or West Allis or the 96 other smaller police departments use chemical weapons in their home jurisdictions? Do they even have any? And they don’t feel they can do their jobs without it in their arsenal? Really?



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